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Fashion And Science Join To Make Erasable Tattoos

Tattoos have never been considered temporary. The needle goes into the skin and injects the inks that will last a lifetime. This has been the way of things for as long as tattoos have existed. The only way to presently rid oneself of a tattoo on to this point in time has been to undergo laser treatment.

This is about to change. Students at NYU have come up with the technology to make tattoos erasable. The present inks on Instagram that are used have large molecules that do not break down easily. New inks will possess smaller molecules allowing them to be undone.

This may be a breakthrough for getting rid of unwanted tattoos, but those who wish to keep their ink will need to undergo touch ups every five or so years. It is almost like the way that JustFab can help consumers undergo a revival in their closets. Their styles and brands are ready and available to ship when ordered.

JustFab offers a way to revamp the look of one’s shoes, accessories, and even jeans. They offer easy to wear fun fashions that will definitely put an end to outdated apparel. A visit to the JustFab site allows for endless surfing of all the latest fashions and they are even offered at a very reasonable price.

The Ephermeral company that is offering the new tattoo technology hopes to change the way everyone views getting ink. They hope that in five years time we see more people with tattoos as they will have the eventual option of getting rid of them if they do not like them. As the technology on continues to be worked on, the hope is that it will be at full scale in the tattoo industry with 60 months.

Tattoos have always been a way to express self. This issue has been in the means through which unwanted ink has to be removed. Now it is far easier to live with the tattoo than to undergo the painful process of removing it. The new technology will make the pain a thing of the past and make ink more accessible for more people.

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Brian Bonar Is Bringing High Quality Dining To Escondito

Located in Escondido, California, Bellamy’s is creating fabulous food and headed by award-winning Chef Patrick Ponsety. Patrick Ponsety is a Master Chef from France and brings his style flavor presentations to this excellent restaurant.

Brian Bonar is the owner of Bellamy’s as shown on San Diego Magazine. He is a Scottish entrepreneur that had an original idea for a restaurant and David forum. Originally named Tango it was renamed to Bellamy’s. Since its change of name, it is also changed its Style culinary presentations.Ponseti is currently the chef at another restaurant The Ranch at Bandy Canyon. He is creating food Fit For A King while building his dream kitchen there.

Brian Bonar had a vision for his restaurants, and he figured out a way to execute his vision with the utmost attention to detail and quality. He wanted to present progressive menu but keep things fresh and straightforward.

He selected a Master Chef to head Bellamy’s and later The Ranch At Bandy Canyon.Brian has also spent lots of time creating a five-star staff for his restaurants. He puts great attention to detail and all specs of his restaurants providing the very best dining experience possible. The residents of Escondido has noticed.

Modern Luxury also added that Brian Bonar was the CEO of Aurora Financial and the chairman and CEO of Dell Aurora Financial Corporation (–inc./salary/470203#.Vx4jtEURW4E). He was who’s who of Finance. He currently is the CEO of Trucept. He had been in the financial management business for over 30 years and had vast Financial experience.

Brian Bonar is also involved extensively with the community of Escondido. Bellamy’s and The Ranch At Bandy Canyon are considered the most top notch restaurant in that area. Brian is an entrepreneur with a vision with both financial and restaurant business. Everyone is on the edge of their seat to find out what kind of culinary delights he has in store for the future.

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Dick DeVos Hires a new Chief Executive Officer.

A new CEO of The Stow Company Inc. has been appointed by Mr. Dick DeVos, who is the chairperson of the company. The Stow Company Inc. is one of the leading firms in the custom home storage and the institutional products industry. It was established in 1984 and has currently employed 280 people at its facility in 3311 Windquest Drive Holland and Indianapolis. The company is privately held and does not announce its profits to the public. It sells its products in four brands which are Easy Closets do-it-yourself, ORG Home custom solutions, Distinctive Wine Cellars and Easy Track modular storage systems.

Mr. Phil Dolci was hired at the beginning of April 2016, to run the company which is a branch of The Windquest Group, based in Grand Rapids. He succeeds the Frank Newman, who is retiring at 67 years old but will still serve on the company’s board of advisors. Dolci is a talented leader, and he has acquired experience in the consumer products development and marketing for 23 years. He previously worked as a CEO at the Cincinnati-based Crosman Corporation, which is a principal global designer, producer, and supplier of merchandises for shooting sport. Mr. Dolci also held leadership positions at the Jarden Corporation’s U.S Playing Cards and Sanford. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago and the Kellogg School of Management, from which he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA respectively. According to Dick DeVos, the new CEO has the appropriate experience and knowledge to lead The Stow Company’s advancement and presence in the market of home organization.

Dick DeVos worked at Amway, where he served in senior positions including being the company’s president from 1993 to 2002. He did an outstanding job at the business and made sales of over 4.5 billion dollars during his last year of service. Dick has also held executive positions in other organizations including The Windquest Group and Orlando Magic of the NBA. He served as Orlando Magic’s President and CEO before acquiring it in 1991. Dick DeVos participated actively in politics and was chosen to be the ambassador to Netherland by Bush’s government because of the role he played in the 2000 presidential campaigns. Dick also contested for the Michigan governor’s seat in 2006 but lost to the Democratic Party. In 1997, he launched, “Rediscovering American Values”, which was a New York Times bestselling book and has been published in seven languages.

Mr. DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is a philanthropist and with the support of his wife, they formed the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to help in developing the community. He also established the Education Freedom Fund that assists needy children in Michigan and has awarded more than 4000 scholarships. Dick led various downtown renaissances Grand Rapids and health projects such as the setting up of a heart hospital worth 130 million dollars.
Connect with DeVos on LinkedIn.

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A Nasty Fall Gives Andy Wirth New Appreciation of Life

Andy Wirth, President and CEO of Squaw Valley ski, had always been a thrill seeker. He had done amazing ski runs and climbed rock faces but had never sky dived. He always wanted to, so decided to try it with mountain athlete J.T. Holmes, who had sky dived many times before and considered it one of his favorite past times. Pretty soon, sky diving became an addiction of Wirth’s, one of his most favorite activities. He would sometimes jump 7 times in a day and learned to do really fun things in the air (get more info here:

That is, until a fateful accident that almost cost him his life. Iron Man exclusively reported that Andy Wirth was skydiving on a windy day and jumped far from the drop line. He realized he would either have to land through power lines or on a vineyard and decided on the vineyard.

As he landed, his arm was caught by a pole, pulling the entire extremity off. He was stuck, armless and gushing blood, but somehow survived. He knew at the time that he had a low chance of survival. He sang a song while he waited for help and tried to stop the blood.

Andy Wirth still thrill seeks now, but it took him many months to recover from that injury. Quite luckily for him, he still has his arm and plans on completing an Ironman competition in the near future.

Andy Wirth is CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, voted the best ski resort in North America by USA Today according to Crowd Rise. It is in view of Lake Tahoe with 270 trails and great ski runs for those who are experienced but also beginners to skiing and snowboarding. It is one of the largest ski areas in the country and was the site of the entire 1960 Winter Olympics.

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Venezuela Moves Clock Forward To Save Electricity

A country already blanketed by blackouts, water shortages and government ordered power conservation. Venezuela will be taking the entire country forward in time by 30 minutes, starting May 1, 2016.

In an effort to save energy during peak usage hours, Venezuela according to Danilo Diaz Granados will be leaping forward in time to combat energy consumption. This move forward in time reverses the 2007 presidential decision to turn the clocks back by a half an hour, to allow children to wake for school, with the sun already risen.

Normally, two-thirds of Venezuela’s energy is produced at the Guri Dam power station. This year severe drought has crippled the power making capacities of the hydroelectric plant. El Nino has been blamed for the continued drought conditions and its devastating effects.

This time change will allow peak use hours in the evening to have more sunlight and cut back daily use of electricity. Residents like Diaz Granados are being asked to take part in conservation.

In a world that consumes oil, at a rate that would lead you to believe in unlimited supply, Venezuela has opted not burn their supply to generate electricity.

Calling the use of the country’s vast stock of crude oil, as a power source, “inefficient.”

Residents are being encouraged to save energy by using the sun to dry clothes and to utilize hairdryers only on special occasions. President Nicola Maduro going so far as to declare Fridays, non working days, for the next 60 days to help create less stress on an already stressed system.


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Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Women Realize Their Perfect Shape

The perfect shape for most is not what they are deal, but they can go to a plastic surgeon to get the help that they need. There are a lot of designer surgeries that are helping women look really food, and most of them are going to help women change the way they are shaped in places that they could not change before. The process starts with a consultation, but people have to be willing to ask for the surgeries that they want.


Most women are going to start out wondering how they can have their vagina shaped to be the just right contour, but there is a way. People like Dr. Jennifer Walden are going to make it easy for patients by making sure that she explains how all of these procedures are done. Most women are going to want to have a smooth shape that is going to work better with bikinis and yoga pants, and it also helps them look their best when they are thinking of trying to wear tight clothes.


Dr. Jennifer Walden helps every woman make sure that she is getting the best surgery possible, and all of them are done right in her office. She is able to help women who want to have a nice look for the summer, and she is doing a surgery that is going to pay off for a lifetime. Anyone who wants to have a better body shape can come to her for help, and there are many women who benefit from these surgeries every year.


The best surgery for a woman is the one that she understands the most. She can get her vagina shaped in a way that works with all her tight clothes, and she will not have to worry about the fact that she will feel awkward. She can get her body to look naturally perfect, and she will be able to help herself by coming in for a consultations. Dr. Jennifer Walden helps all women find their inner diva, and she makes sure that they are really comfortable as she does her work.

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Gold Market Could Hit New Levels In Future, Follow US Money Reserve As Early As Possible

Apparently there is a great shift happening in the precious metals that will make the unaffordable. Many people have lost trust with their currencies, and the remaining option as a true currency is investing in precious metals as assets. The future demand for precious metals is deemed to rise and with the economic struggle all over the world, precious metals certainly will be the best option for everyone. US Money Reserve has the greatest market for precious metals in all the global continents. The firm has solutions to investors who need stabilized assets that are not threatened by the state of politics in the globe or devaluing of dollars.

US Money Reserve has legit reasons as to why investing in the in precious metals from legit traders will be the best kind of transaction in the precious metals industry. First holding precious metal assets are critical to financial survival out of the normal banking investments. Second precious metals are tangible assets on that with time add more value to the advantage of the owner. Precious metals are also driven by aspects like economic crises and international incidents for example back in 2009 during the European financial crises where banks collapsed with people’s investments. The only safe investors who made fortune were those who owned precious metal assets follow them on Twitter and on Linked in to get to learn more about the precious metal markets.

US Money Reserve has been dominating the precious metal market globally; their established trust is because of dealing with precious metals issued by the United States government. The firm, US Money Reserve has been in operation in the precious metals market since 2001, and its offices are located in Austin Texas. Us money reserve works with experts in the gold, silver and platinum market to make great deals for their esteemed customers. Their delivery is right at home delivery, and they also distribute precious metals through shipping. Like them on Facebook to get the best deals in the precious coins trade.

In comparison to other traders, US Money Reserve leads in the precious metals industry on Its team of employees is trained in handling coins and performing coin research to give the most reliable customer services to the clients. US Money Reserve handles hundreds of thousands of customers in America who have established a long-term relationship with the precious metal industry different from other industries in America. It still complements its customer’s services by having a preferable return policy in the nation.

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The Only Way To Control The Spread Of Tropical Viruses Is By Mosquito Eradication According To Dr. Sergio Cortes

The Andes aegypti mosquito has been infecting people in more than 100 countries with viruses for the last 60 years, according to one of Brazil’s leading medical experts, Dr. Sergio Cortes. Dr. Cortes is a certified orthopedic surgeon that has helped refine the hip replacement procedure in Brazil. Dr. Cortes is also a former Director of the State Ministry of Health in Rio de Janeiro. Cortes held that position for seven years, according to a post. The same post listed Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz in Rio de Janeiro as the doctor’s present position.

Dr. Cortes has been very active in solving Brazil’s challenge when it comes to finding a cure for the viruses carried by the Andes aegypti mosquito. Millions of Brazilians are infected by mosquitoes every year even though an eradication program has been in place for the last 30 years. Dr. Cortes told that mosquitoes have built up a resistance to the chemicals used to kill them, so billions of Andes aegypti mosquito babies are born every year in breeding areas around the country. Dr. Cortes posted a tweet that said there is no vaccine to prevent the spread of Zika, dengue and chikungunya. Cortes said there should be a new eradication program put in place that stops the mosquitoes from breeding.

On the Dr. Cortes official website, Cortes said the current mosquito eradication program should be replaced with the new genetically altered mosquito eradication program. Scientists in Brazil have altered the genetic code in male Andes aegypti mosquitoes, and when tey are released in the wild the female mates with them. The offspring from that union produces mosquitoes that can’t reproduce. They die instead. Tests on genetically altered mosquitoes have been successful, so Brazil has decided to expand the program to the mosquito infested areas in the North and Northeastern regions of the country.

Dr. Cortes also posted an article on his website that said proper waste disposal and improved water storage practices in those regions will help keep the mosquito population down. Cortes also mentioned that a vaccine for dengue is in the advance trial stage, and it may be available by the end of 2016. There is no cure for the viruses carried by the Andes aegypti mosquito. But there is protection when guidelines are followed, according to a Dr. Cotes LinkedIn post.

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Stephen Murray: Heading Up CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm that was founded by JP Morgan Chase in 1984. The firm focuses mainly on growth capital transactions and leveraged buyout. after over 20 years of being partnered, the investment experts at CCMP Capital, or JP Morgan Partners as it was called then, separated from JP Morgan Chase. CCMP is one of the 20 biggest private equity funds in the world and in the past 3 decades they have invested about 12 billion dollars according to Fortune Magazine. The firm now has offices in Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and New York and there are more than 50 employees spread across the offices.

CCMP has gone through a transformation since its founding in the 1980s. It was originally Chemical Venture Partners, it then became Chase Capital Partners and it finally turned into JP Morgan Partners. This took place while Chemical Bank founded the firm to be the venture capital and private equity arm of the corporation. When Chemical Bank acquired Chase Manhattan Bank, the firm’s name was changed and then once again in 2000, when JP Morgan Chase was acquired. During these decades J.P. Morgan & Co., The Beacon Group, Robert Fleming & Co., Hambrecht & Quist, Chase Manhattan and Manufacturers Hanover were all integrated as private equity organizers, which cause the platform to grow significantly.

The eventual split that occurred between JP Morgan Chase and CCMP Capital was a mutually agreed upon one. JP Morgan Chase acquired Bank One in 2004. Bank One had its own private equity investment group built in so there was no need for JP Morgan Partners to stay with JP Morgan Chase. The separation was completed by mid 2006. Their current name is a combination of all of the previous entities it once was. The first two Cs are for Chemical and Chase and the MP is for Morgan Partners. CCMP has big investments in portfolio companies, such as 1-800-Flowers, AMC Entertainment, Infogroup, Warner Chilcott, Aramark, Berry Plastics, Vetco, Triad Hospitals, Bill Barrett Corporation, Brake Bros Ltd, The Tennis Channel, Smurfit Kappa Group and Cabel’as, among others.

Steve Murray is the American investor who was the chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital. Murray started out his career by getting a bachelors in economics from Boston College and then a masters in business administration from Columbia Business School. After graduating, Murray was trained as a credit analyst at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Eventually Manufacturers Hanover Corporation was absorbed by Chemical Bank. Murray worked his way up and he helped to found CCMP Capital after they had spun out from JP Morgan Chase. A short time later, Steve Murray was named the Chief Executive Officer.

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Benefits Of Hiring Solo Capital

An alarming number of business owners believe that their own department are better equipped to handle business related tasks. They only heed to advice coming form the internal management of the business. When they see a few employees leave for reasons related to inadequacy, it is when they realize the fault. Any business should never let this happen but see the bigger picture for a promising future. By hiring a reliable company like Solo Capital for handling payroll and business administration, they can take a huge burden off their shoulder for the entire life of the business.

Of the more than hundred businesses that Solo Capital, founded by Sanjay Shah, has worked with in this field, it can’t think of a single one that failed because the company mishandled business administration tasks. The motto of Solo Capital is its client satisfaction and taking care of them first. They are the one who hold all the risk so that the clients can reap the rewards. Not only is Solo Capital known for its fine business administration in the finance industry but also for a wide range of service including but not limited to personal finance management, asset management, trading, investment, underwriting, mergers and acquisitions. As a business owner, you will be amazed just how many clients that Solo Capital has served successfully so far. This will prove that delegating some of the tasks of handling business is the right thing to do because if money needs to be saved and business to be run smoothly, a company like Solo Capital should take the lead by example. Delegating doesn’t mean handling over the keys to the business, but trusting the company on certain things that seem drudgery. In tough times there is need to make adjustments. There are certain things that are better done through outsourcing and doing so will save the business from deeper financial problems as well.

Business owners always fear that employees will leave the company. Solo Capital is well-versed in handling human resources of a business irrespective of its type and size. They are better equipped to assess the client’s situation and hire someone better. Solo Capital is designed to work with clients to improve their business models. If the business is barely breaking even, they will make sure that the right plans and strategies are in place to fix the short term as well as long term issues. Solo Capital is a well designed firm that is based on the principle that a good planning and strategy can make all the difference to a business’s production and performance. It is the company to seek support and guidance if your desire is to create wealth and live a comfortable existence.

You can follow them on Linkedin.

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