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Study Reveals Tylenol More Effective For Pain than Vicodin

According to Dr. Andrew K. Chang, MD, lead author and associate professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, when it comes to superior pain relief , Vicodin was ineffective, in comparison to Tylenol #3, which is a codeine/acetaminophen combination.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering tightening prescription standards for Vicodin, and changing its category from a Schedule III drug to a Schedule II drug according to Crystal Hunt.

Schedule III drugs are considered a secondary probability for abuse, while Schedule II drugs are considered to have a high potential for abuse, and addiction.

Vicodin is typically an over-prescribed drug, designed to alleviate the half to high levels of pain. Because individuals don’t associate the drug with illegal street drugs, personal prescriptions are often overlooked, thereby falling into the hands of adolescents.

Vicodin is also not tightly regulated, as some other prescription drugs, so that it can contribute to their wide distribution. This has precipitated the study into the effectiveness of other pain relievers.

“This study was conducted because despite the preference of prescribing Vicodin over Tylenol, there was little evidence to support an advantage of Vicodin,” Dr. Chang.

On a pain scale of 1 to 10, both medications worked to diminish pain by 50 percent. However, Vicodin did not provide superior relief over Tylenol #3.

In 1991, the University of Pittsburgh conducted a trial study on pain relief, using hydrocodone versus codeine, and the research team concluded hydrocodone was more effective than codeine.

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Gluten In Probiotics

If you have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, or if you have been eating the gluten free diet for other reasons, you may not know that Probiotics may contain gluten. You might have even started using them since you changed your diet because you thought that they would help make up for the nutrients that you are lacking. Or, maybe you have always taken them, and it didn’t occur to you that they may contain gluten. If so, you may be in for a shock.

A new study has found that many Probiotics actually contain gluten, even if Ricardo Tosto didn’t know it. Gluten is the harmful substance that those with Celiac Disease can not eat. So, if you have been taking Probiotics while thinking that you were eating gluten free, then you may have been experiencing more systems than you had to be. Those with gluten sensitivity can not eat the smallest amount of it without it affecting them. It is good that it was found out now that Propiotics may contain gluten before any more damage was done.
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Depression May Lead To Parkinson’s Disease

If you have been diagnosed with depression it is not only hard for you to live right now and get through this time, but there may also be complications for you in the future. A study has found that depression is tied to Parkinson’s Disease. It is said that the more severe the depression is, the more likely that a person will get Parkinson’s Disease. So, what can be done to stop this from happening, you might wonder. Well, there isn’t any way to ensure that you won’t get Parkinson’s Disease if you have been diagnosed with depression, but if you can cure your depression maybe that would help. Don’t be worried about the future and whether or not you will get this disease, but focus on your health now and getting better from what you need to right now.

Depression is a serious illness, and if it can be the cause for Parkinson’s Disease, then it just makes it all the more serious if you ask Ricardo Guimarães BMG. If you have been diagnosed with depression make sure that you get all of the help that you need. Your life and your health may be on the line.
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Qnet Is An Example Of A Strong And Attractive Business Model

When a company like Qnet decides to broaden its commercial horizons, it’s a sure be many people will benefit. Qnet is a marketing company with decades of exposure in Asian markets, but is now expanding to include European, Russian and some western markets as well. This company is similar to other direct marketing entities, but it has one distinct advantage. Qnet actually offers products and services that many individuals and businesses want.

Two facets of Qnet are helping it expand into profitable demographics. The first is a leadership role in worldwide distribution of new health and wellness products. With a focus on trending styles and product types, Qnet is an expert conduit between consumer and their desired products. Many regions of the world have never had direct access to modern health and beauty products, so Qnet is opening many new commercial superhighways according to Businessforhome.

Another adopted strategy for Qnet expansion is the option of Web hosting. Secondary product vendors, wholesale distributors, and privately-owned retailers will often rely on their main product source to assist with advertising and the validation of business Websites. Qnet provides a network of team members and nearly inexhaustible resources for commercial buyers to team-up with. These teams create portals where consumers can have direct purchasing access to the products and services Qnet offers. Qnet is expanding by building a network of loyal, virtual representative online stores that captivate the attention of consumers.

Qnet’s founder and regional leaders are always working hard to stay on top of the demands of consumers in various markets. They routinely upgrade their products and services to both satisfy consumer demands, and help manufacturers refine their approach to production and selling. The upswing in Qnet’s appeal in Asia cannot be ignored. There business and profit model will likely become a leading force in western markets soon.

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Cancer Funds Redirected

Family raised $187M for cancer, and spent it on themselves. Everyday, somewhere in the world someone is dying or sick from Cancer. Families are suffering and in some cases being left to mourn their loved ones who have lost the battle with cancer. So imagine what $187 million dollars could accomplish in the lives of these people, research advancement, financial aid to the families of cancer patients and treatment for the patient themselves. Well apparently the Reynolds family didn’t care about that, they according to Yahoo news had other plans for the money they were raising that was supposed to be for a cancer fund. The Cancer Fund of America in Knoxville, Tennessee, and its affiliated Cancer Support Services; The Breast Cancer Society in Mesa, Arizona; and the Children’s Cancer Fund of America in Powell, Tennessee where to be the recipients of the funds raised by this family. However, what really happened to the funds was a disgrace. James T. Reynolds Sr., his ex-wife and son used the money raised to fund their lifestyle buying themselves cars, gym memberships and taking luxury cruise vacations. They paid for college tuition and employed family members with six-figure salaries. This fraud is said to be one of the largest cases ever, involving over 50 states. Using charities and telemarketers to do their biding, little money actually made it to its rightful destination. This causes many like Dr. Daniel Amen to recoil with disgust.

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Probiotics to Be Approached Cautiously by Those with Celiac Disease

With the recent trend that is emphasizing health foods, many foods on the market now contain probiotics. Probiotics are supposed to be good for good health. However, over half of the popular brands that include probiotics in their foods are making gut health worse. People who are dealing with celiac disease, an immune disorder, are actually at risk of harm when they consume these products, due to the fact that probiotics on the market actually contain gluten in trace amounts. Alexei Beltyukov (vimeo) has learned that people with celiac disease who consume gluten will experience adverse reactions within the small intestine. If this happens too frequently, it will damage the lining of the small intestine over time, and nutrient absorption will become more and more difficult.

Gluten is a protein that is found in certain products, such as rye, wheat, and barley. People who have the disease should avoid any products that include these ingredients.

Columbia University Medical Center researchers examined 22 popular products, and they saw that 55% of the brands contained gluten, even though the labels claimed that the products were gluten-free.

In light of these recent findings, researchers are warning people who suffer from celiac disease to approach probiotics cautiously, since their benefits have not been established at this point, and they seem to come with risks and possibly gluten.

Because items that are advertised as gluten-free are actually showing not to be, tighter regulation is needed.

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High Expectations for Low Cholesterol

Having a high cholesterol is something that is very rarely heard of unless you are in the later years of life. Foods like eggs and various others are often times blamed for the rise of high cholesterol. Recent studies have just disproved this, citing that there’s good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. The ignorance around cholesterol and what actually attributes to having high cholesterol is being touched on in current studies. While the jury is still out on certain foods and substances that can raise cholesterol, researchers have released a list of foods and activities that are proven to lower cholesterol. The list includes: onions, red yeast rice, laxatives, tofu, the plant version of cholesterol called phytosterols, alcohol, pectin, sleep, Indian gooseberry, licorice root, and bergamot. The most surprising object on the list is probably laxatives. Most people don’t equate lowering their blood pressure with a daily dose of laxatives. Scientist have proven that taking a laxative with a large meal can keep the body from absorbing more cholesterol. The benefit of that, is that the laxative won’t soak up any of the good cholesterol that the body produces. Sleep is also one of the more surprising activities on the list. When people get quality sleep consistently, the body’s organs are rejuvenated enough and can work at their peak condition. Sleep is something that everyone needs in their daily routine. Scientists are hoping to publicize the use of the other ingredients on the list to help patients lower high cholesterol. Madison Street Capital feels for people who are merely at risk for high cholesterol, implementing these practices could save time and trouble in the long run.

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The Defender of Animals, Keith Mann, Now Needs Defending From Disease

Everyone needs a passion. For Keith Mann, that passion is helping one of the world’s most vulnerable populations: animals.

Mann’s animals’ rights activism began years ago while on a school trip as a boy. He attended a training program on a diary farm. When he heard the cows crying, he asked why and was informed the cows cry for their babies who are taken from them at birth so the farmers can harvest the milk. This knowledge left an emotional scar on Mann that later festered into action.

According to Buzzfeed, Mann began performing small acts of heroism like freeing a caged bunny, stealing goldfish from a fair and keeping them in his bathtub until he found homes for each, and handing out animal cruelty education flyers to hunters.

As Mann grew up, small actions transformed into big plots. In 1991, Mann served 11 years in prison for conspiring to set ablaze several chicken crates, and was arrested on several occasions for his protests against vivisection (operations performed while the animal is alive for scientific research).

Mann’s ambitions to defend the defenseless continued to soar, and he ran for president in 2008 on The Animal Warfare Party ticket.

For all his good deeds, Mann has fallen on bad luck. In 2013, he was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, a form of cancer with no known cure. He is attempting a treatment involving a tightly controlled diet of organic, real foods as well as detoxification, known as Gerson Therapy. As are most cancer treatments, this therapy program is not cheap, and Mann needs assistance from donations to pay for it. He is accepting contributions via PayPal at and the Keith Mann Auctions Facebook page.

Follow Keith Mann on Twitter for updates on his condition.

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Manage the Mind, Manage the Disorder

The moment after people are diagnosed with a disease and they hear, “You have…” their lives are never the same. Even if they overcome their afflictions, the mark that the disease or sickness left on them will be a timely reminder of times past. Researchers are trying to find a way for people, some who are still sick and those who have overcome, to essentially unlearn the fact that they have or have had a disease. Kelly Clancy is a writer and the daughter of a neurologist. She recalls reading some of her father’s case studies about a young boy who would have epileptic seizures whenever he would recite Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’. Dr. Clancy concluded that the boy’s epileptic seizures we’re due in part to a specific word pattern that triggered his first seizure. It took time, but Dr. Clancy conducted an experiment on the young boy to cure his seizures. The patient was asked to repeatedly recite the phrase that was triggering his seizures, but recite it in his head. After 20 or so repetitions, the boy was asked to recite the phrase out loud. The boy was hooked up to an electronic stimulus machine that would send gentle signals to his brain to relax the neurons that led to his seizures. Keith Mann has learned that, after repeated sessions of this technique, the boy was completely cured of his epileptic seizures. Actor Danny Glover also suffered from seizures for years. After daily meditation, finding and then controlling his triggers, he was completely cured. The actor has been completely seizure free for over twenty years. Not all diseases can be cured by electroanalysis; chronic and terminal illnesses are cured or controlled in their own right. Doctors are hoping to perfect the curing of neurological disorders, such as epileptic seizures, social anxiety disorders and others, in order to give patients a more manageable life.

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Don’t Be Fooled By Foods You Thought Were Healthy

When trying to stay healthy, it is hard to keep track of what is supposed to be good for us. A lot of what looks healthy or is marketed as being so actually isn’t. There are many packaged foods that talk about this or that added nutrients that supposedly make it healthy now. Usually you may find other things, such as excessive sweetener or fat, that may not make them so good according to James Dondero.

The real problem is when we encounter foods we all assumed were good for us. It is shocking to discover how wrong we can be about our favorite snacks. Dried fruit is one such example. Few of us knew, however, that fruit in a dried state has twice the calories it did in its natural state. Some fruits even triple in calories when they are dehydrated. You are still getting many of the health benefits of the original fruit, but you may need to watch how much you eat when it’s in this form. We also assume that multi-grain breads are good for us. It certainly sounds healthy, but as the name implies, this only means there’s more than one grain in the bread. It is actually more important that they be whole grains rather than how many there are. Energy bars are another thing popularly believed to be good for us, but they can be loaded with particularly unhealthy forms of sugar and extra calories.

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