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Sergio Cortes And His Fight Against Disease In Xerém

Sergio Cortes is the secretary of health in Brazil. Cortes is a very well-known doctor, because he has published many articles about health. Cortes is an individual that is sincerely interested in the health of individuals that are living in Brazil and beyond. In the month of January, there were floods that affected certain areas in Brazil. Xerém is a city that was hit hard by the flood. In order to help those individuals that were living in the most affected areas, the Secretary of State got in contact with government officials in the state of Xerém in order to find the best ways to aid in that situation.

In the article published by Extra, it speaks about the disaster relief that is being put in place to help those residence of Xerém. Shelters are set up throughout the state, and also they put up different dengue hydration centers. These centers have the capacity to help over 300 people a day. Apart from that, government officials are taking steps to help prevent the spread of dengue. Since there are large amounts of garbage that are throughout the city after the flood, dengue is a real threat for this area. Cortes has had many meetings with the municipal health secretary about that issue, and they agreed to send out different calamity kits to aid in those areas. Apart from that, diseases such as hepatitis A, chickenpox, and meningitis are also a worry for the secretary of health. To aid in the prevention of such diseases they have also sent out 3000 antibiotic tablets to as an early intervention method.

There are many individuals that have been able to go back to their home, but others are still living in shelters. For all individuals that have been affected by the flood water is a huge scarcity. Since that is the case, Cortes is encouraging anyone who desires to make a donation to Xerém to include mineral water in their donations as well. Apart from that, the government has issued over 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite in order to aid individuals to disinfect their contaminated water.

Cortes continues to take steps to help those individuals that are living in the town of Xerém, any he plans to set up disaster teams that can go to areas affected by natural disasters and help identify those individuals that are suffering from early symptoms of major diseases before they spread to others.

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Autism Rocks Leading in the Fight Against Autism

The Autism Rocks Foundation is a charity event organizer that was started by Sanjay Shah, a British-born millionaire. Its motive is to create awareness of the mental disorder to the ends of the world and raise money to support families with sick children. They organize and perform shows that started first in London before moving to Dubai. Their first show was invite only, graced by a British artist, Prince, who also contributed towards the organization. Money that is raised by the charity is then managed by the Autism Research Trust, which then distributes funds for the Autism Research Center that is focused on understanding how autism works, its effects and possibly to come up with solutions that will aid those affected to lead normal independent lives.
Nikhil, Sanjay’s son, was diagnosed with the disorder and was taken to a government-funded autism center for treatment and specialized care. Shah was already supporting families in India with children suffering from the disease through the Plan International. The costs that he was charged were steep, and it prompted to the creation of Autism Rock that would help those without the ability to meet the financial needs of children suffering from the disorder. When in school, he used to be an event organizer making it easy for him to manage and run autism shows with friends like Kravitz and Drake supporting him.
Sanjay Shah is also the owner of the Solo Capital, a finance investment firm. It started after he received a bonus of £19 million from his boss at Capula Investment. His brokerage firm has its headquarters in London, and it is permitted to operate within the United Kingdom. It is also one of the largest contributors to the Autism Rock charity. Solo Capital currently has a net worth of £15.45m and has assets worth £67.45m and runs under a cash flow of £30.26. Solo Capital also has offices in Dubai, Luxembourg and in Malta.
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The Vegan has Hit the Condiments!

Grubstreet writer Clint Rainey has blown the egg off the newest condiment to join the vegan line up. Hellmann’s has taken the plunge into the world of vegan but it seems they were reluctant to do so. Why though? Is there something wrong with trying for a more vegan lifestyle? Absolutely not, says Villanova lacrosse star Jon Urbana as he gears up for the next leg of his charity mission.

Yet even on the bottle of Hellmann’s newest product, Carefully Crafted Dressing you will not find the words vegan written on it. Instead you will find the words, “free from cholesterol, artificial colors, flavors, and eggs” (Hellmann’s, 2016). It goes to show that even Hellmann’s one of the most known sandwich dressings has fallen into the pressure of becoming healthier. This is not a bad thing. Especially when you consider that just a few months ago, Just Mayo came out with the first ever vegan mayo and has made the market come unglued.

However, this raises a concern for another food product. The egg. Are eggs really that volatile to our health? Is the egg industry that scared of a few changes to one line of product that uses eggs? It seems so. Quartz writer Deanna Shanker has reported on just how far the government may go to pull Just Mayo. In other words, it seems that going vegan may not be healthy for all industries and a battle may just boil out to an open war.

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There’s a New SEC District Chief in Town

The Security Exchange Commission’s Chairman, Arthur Levitt, promoted Helane L. Morrison, who is the first woman to be promoted to the San Francisco District Office and to serve as the district’s chief. Although she is newly appointed to this position she is very familiar with the SEC, it’s policies, and the financial trade and investment industry.

Helane L. Morrison was a graduate of Boalt Hall School of Law at UC-Berkely and was a partner in the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, & Rabkin located in San Francisco. She worked as a clerk under U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun and Judge Richard A. Posner and is one of the few female administrators with the SEC. Although this is a new position for Morrison she joined the SEC in 1996 and was an overseer to numerous investigations, which resulted in actions of enforcement being taken against the violating companies. Although Morrison was diligent in the enforcement aspect of policies for the SEC, prior to her SEC involvement, she represented clients who were sued by the SEC. Morrison has experience on both sides of the financial investment and trade industry fence and is working diligently to bring about more institutional and personal accountability and responsibility in those areas, and with the money management firms, and the chief compliance officers who oversee them. And with positional appointments like that of Helane L. Morrison within the SEC, chief compliance officers are starting to feel like they are being dissected under the microscopic eye of the SEC and it’s policies.

The main concerns of the chief compliance officers are a change from that of the identification of risks and the direction of response, to that of being held personally responsible and accountable for any financial activity that may violate the SEC’s policies and procedures, which would hold them liable and could result, upon further investigation, in them being personally prosecuted and fined. The main concern of compliance officers is that there needs to be more clarity in Compliance Rule 206(4)-7, which is a basic SEC policy that requires written policies and procedures of prevention of violation. They feel that those within the SEC, that are enforcing policy, are creating it as they go along and are feeling personally targeted by those created policies.

Despite the concerns, the SEC is working to keep money management companies in compliance, keep investors informed, and position individuals such as, Helane L. Morrison, to oversee the enforcement of compliance and help clarify policies for the investment and trade industry.

Learn more about Helane Morrison by connecting with her on LinkedIn or Crunchbase.

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Soros Issues Dire Economic Warning

The Sri Lanka Economic Forum 2016 was a major event that many hope will steer Sri Lanka’s economic growth in a big way. At the forum, the Harvard University Center for International Development on Sri Lanka identified four key areas that they felt were essential for long-term economic growth in the region. George Soros was in attendance, as was Joseph Stieglitz, a Nobel Laureate economist. George Soros had a lot to say as the event rolled out at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, and a lot of it alarmed many watchers of the world economy.

George Soros is one of the richest men in the world. He is a major backer of Hillary Clinton in America and he is influential when it comes to political ideas and concerns for the world’s future. He has been quite vocal with predictions recently, openly opining that the European Union may be in big trouble and that Germany’s Angela Merkel has made some serious missteps in world affairs.

Soros sat down with Bloomberg TV in Sri Lanka and issued another rather dire economic prediction. It is his belief that the global market may end up in a crisis even worse than the one in 2008, which caused a global recession.

His thinking is that China’s struggles to find a new economic model and the devaluation of the yuan has created a reaction that is reverberating throughout the rest of the financial world. The developing world does not deal well with positive interest rates, but that is the current reality, according to Soros.

Since the new year began, global currency and commodity markets are under siege. The dropping value of the yuan is leading to worries about cracks forming in the Chinese economy. China’s economy surged in a major way back when the focus was on manufacturing and investing. But in recent times, China has shifted their focus to consumption and services. The losses are in the trillions, and things got so bad last week that Chinese equities actually halted trade and shut down for the rest of the day.

China has said they are looking to raise the convertibility of the yuan within a decade, and are looking at dismantling capital controls. China is the second-largest economy in the world and they have deep ties to many different countries. Things have gotten to the point where the Bank of China has set their interest rates at record lows and the government has been trying to jump start the economy by pumping it with billions of dollars. Despite this, the manufacturing sector remains sluggish.

George Soros has his finger on the pulse of the world market. Those in the know will continue to heed his words and invest accordingly.

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Autism Rocks And Solo Capital Offer Services Under The Same Umbrella

Autism Rocks and Solo Capital actually live under the same umbrella, and they are committed to helping people in need. Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital when he was out of a job, and he provides excellent customer service to everyone who patronizes his many businesses. His business empire used capital to start Autism Rocks, and Sanjay manages the foundation himself. This article explains how Autism Rocks and Solo Capital are the result of a need to help people.

#1: Solo Capital Happened Quite Suddenly

Solo Capital was founded when Sanjay was left out of a job at Merrill Lynch. He moved on quickly to found Solo Capital, and he did most of the work in the early days by himself. He grew the company in a speedy manner, and he began purchasing firms around Europe with his newfound capital. He recently acquired Old Park Lane, and every company Sanjay owns provides superior customer service.

#2: Sanjay’s Attack On Autism

Sanjay was made aware of the research gap in autism, and he used money made from Solo Capital to help start Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a rock concert promoter that gives all its proceeds to autism research. Sanjay personally invites many acts from around the world like Lenny Kravitz and Joss Stone. He has worked with Snoop Dogg, and he spends much of his time searching for musicians for his next concert series.

Every concert promoted by Autism Rocks is an amazing event that provides guests with a traditional rock concert feeling, and the concerts make millions every year that goes to research. Sanjay manages a trust that sends all the money to a research foundation, and he personally backs the effort to find better treatments or a cure for autism.

The relationship between Solo Capital and Autism Rocks is symbiotic. Autism Rocks was born when Solo Capital became a success, and Sanjay Shah uses his business prowess to manage both with style and grace. His investment customers receive amazing service, and children with autism may see a cure in their lifetime because of the work done at Autism Rocks.

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Jon Urbana’s Tweeting About The World This Week

Jon Urbana updates his Twitter account all throughout the day. Although he has made news for his work as a lacrosse trainer and an FAA-approved pilot (FAA recognizes Jon Urbana at Aviation Business Gazette), his tweets do cover a tremendous amount of different content than you’ll see on Jon’s Facebook profile. The tweets are always upbeat and informative. Becoming a follower definitely is worth the click, and making a donation to Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force is definitely worth the money.

Anyone wondering how Ice Cube and Kevin Hart react to things now have the answers they sought. Buzzfeed has published insights that provide revealing (and humorous) glimpses into the reactions these two celebrities have.

The lacrosse highlights on Urbana’s Villanova bio cover a lot of territory. Followers learn a lot more on this Twitter and Crunchbase feed thank just scores and tallies. A tweet about a Lionel Messi fan wearing a makeshift jersey in Afghanistan should bring a tear (of joy) to people’s eyes.

Strange news comes from about the stadium at Oregon State. No, the news does not come from any sports played at the stadium and it doesn’t come from his biography. The news, first reported by Bloomberg, relates to what was discovered under the stadium. Mammoth bones, of all things, were discovered beneath the stadium. The discovery may be odd, but scientists are likely thrilled over it.

Photo art of food is always popular with Jon Urbana and, by extension, his followers. “Blood-Orange” and “Rice Bowl” are two tweets that provide two perfect examples. More than just displays of food, these are works of solid photographic art. Food lovers will enjoy looking at the photos to be sure.

Not all athletes are professionals like Jon Urbana. Neither are the trainers at Jon Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp, but most of them are former pros. Many love to take part in sports for health, fitness, and hobby reasons. Track and running are popular with people looking to get in shape and enhance their physiques. A tweet about track distances should prove to be very informative to those wondering about how much distance is enough. Knowing the right distance helps cut down on overtraining.

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Reputation Is Important And Yours Is Safe

Wow! This has been a good few years for the online reputation management company called Status Labs. As reported in an article by News On 6, the company has been growing at a steady rate. Their revenue has grown at a rate of 39 percent in one year, which is a phenomenal increase. In addition, the company has seen steep growth rates of 939 percent since the year it was started, which was in 2012. These growth measures might seem unprecedented, but you have to consider that Status Labs is great at what they do for other businesses, so the word has spread fast.

The article’s URL will be posted at the end of this article, so you should give it a read if you want more information about Status Labs. The President of Status Labs has contributed their quick growth of profit to the team that they employ. Apparently, they have quite the dedicated and hard working group of people who know a great deal about what businesses and individuals need in terms of reputation management.

More About Status Labs

In case you are new to the world of online reputation management, Status Labs makes sure that its clients are seen in the best possible light. They specialize in making sure that when people search for their clients and keywords associated with their clients that the results are what the clients would expect to see and approve of. This is a valuable resource for any business or person that deals with sales or depends on their business connections.

Most business people today call upon companies like Status Labs for a variety of services that help shape a client’s online image. Status Labs is an expert in the field of online reputation management, but they also employ a variety of other skills and services. They are well versed in removing links that may tarnish a client’s reputation, and they understand the nature of search engine optimization to achieve primary directives.

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Solo Capital Supports Autism Rocks

In a quite interesting turn of events, it was Snoop Dogg who inspired Sanjay Shah, one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world, to start a concert-driven, top-artist charity called Autism Rocks. Autism research is very important to Mr. Shah, as his son is autistic. And so, even though he was interesting in supporting autism research, he was not aware of any existing charity that served the direct basic research purpose he intende3d. When Snoop Dogg came to Dubai, where Sanjay Shah lives, it happened that Sanjay and his family entertained Snoop Dogg in their home, along with several others of his group. It was Snoop Dogg who encouraged Mr. Shah to go into the music business to raise significant funds for autism research. Out of that was born Sanjay Shah’s charity: Autism Rocks.

Sanjay and his family were very happy to meet Snoop and afterwards he had this to say, “What’s it like having a man who’s sold 30 million records sitting in your garden? Bizarre. But thrilling! I put some pictures on Facebook and no one believed it was him. Everyone thought I’d hired a lookalike… He was lovely. He was talking to the kids, asking about Dubai, telling us about his family. It was fun.”

Mr. Shah has produced several concerts that featured amazing recording artists Elvis Costello, Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Joss Stone. They all performed to contribute and all together were able to produce $15 million profit, all of which went to basic autism research. This research program is at Cambridge University and is called the Autism Research Trust (ART).

After founding Vistex, Inc., Sanjay Shah serves as CEO and the Chief Architect. He grew the company to become the top provider of business savvy in pricing, contract, incentive management, and market channels solutions and services. These solutions are now implemented with software clouds to enable businesses to make gains in revenue, achieve better marketing, control costs, and grow margins.

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Understanding Sergio Cortes: MJ Impersonator

Sergio Cortes, a Spaniard born 43 years ago has emerged as the best impersonator of the late ‘King of Pop’, Michael Jackson. His attires, voice, singing, dancing and walking are exact match of how MJ used to do. Sergio Cortes has taken full advantage of his physical appearance to build a career out of it. According to him, looking like Michael Jackson is not only part of his career, but it is a privilege in him. Those who have never heard of Sergio may think that the late pop idol has reappeared from the ashes the moment they see him for the first time.
When Sergio Cortes was growing up, Michael was the youngest member of the Jackson 5 group, and that was the beginning of his great international career. Sergio Cortes began paying attention to the younger Jackson without knowing he would be recognized in the world as MJ impersonator. He would closely listen to the way Michael was singing, the way he danced, and how he would act in front of his fans and the media. Sergio relied on what he learned from the pop star to develop his skills and talents. In fact, it is not easy to impersonate another person unless you have a talent of doing it.
When Sergio Cortes was a young teenager, a local reporter asked him to dress the way MJ used to dress and pause for photos. At this time, he had already developed a passion for Michael Jackson’s music. The photos were posted and Sergio was contacted by major event organizers to perform in various. He even received invitation to perform like MJ in different countries. Today, Sergio is able to keep the fans of the legendary ‘king of pop’ entertained just like the real MJ would be doing. Sergio has large number of fans following him on his Facebook. Additionally, Sergio is found on Twitter.
Through his social media accounts, Sergio has received very many invitations and also chatting with fans that pay attention to his work. As many people, Sergio was deeply affected and saddened by the death of Michael Jackson which happened in 2009. When impersonating Michael, he is able to overcome those feelings. He has managed to achieve his dreams through dedication and commitment in his work. Many people have tried to copy MJ, but Sergio has emerged the favorite of them all.

Source: R7

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