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Lowering Diabetes Risk Post Pregnancy


Currently there is about nine percent of pregnancy women that will develop gestational diabetes at some point during their pregnancy. Of these women, approximately half of them will go on to develop Type 2 diabetes later on in their life. The other half of women recover completely after they give birth and do not go on to have any other issues later on down the line. There is a new study that is suggesting there are a couple of easy to reduce the risk of developing diabetes after giving birth.

Three hundred fifty women were followed all of whom had some sort of history of gestational diabetes. These women were compared along with 1,416 women who did not experience any kind of diabetes during their pregnancy. The women who had gestational diabetes were given one of three treatments:

1. Intensive exercise regimen and diet program
2. Diabetes medication in the form of Metformin
3. Placebo

According to the results showed that Metformin reduced the risk of post pregnancy diabetes by forty percent. The lifestyle changes lowered the risk by 35 percent. Women who had gestational diabetes are at a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later on in life even many years down the road. Because of this is it is imperative to follow some sort of preventative program that could potentially help reduce the risk of diabetes or at least prolong the development until much later on in life.

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Coffee Cleans Your Arteries

A new study gives coffee drinkers a good excuse to continue drinking their morning java. The study found that moderate coffee drinkers, those who drink between three and five cups daily, have less heart disease.

This South Korea study examined more than 25,000 men and women. They discovered moderate coffee drinkershad less calcium in their arteries than non-coffee drinkers.

The study also showed that too much coffee can have an adverse effect. For coffee drinkers who have more than five cups daily they had too much calcium in their arteries.

People at Anastasia Date have found that drinking coffee in moderation seems to be the best advice to take away from this study. Too much coffee and you get calcium in your arteries. Too little and it doesn’t seem to keep the calcium at bay. At any rate, this study gives coffee drinkers one more excuse to grab a coffee or two first thing in the morning.

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Mother of Sick Toddler Shames Cyberbullies

The mother of a sick toddler is speaking out against cyberbullies after a photo of her child went viral and was mocked by thousands of Facebook users. Some users even turned the child’s picture into a meme, mocking her for “looking like a leprechaun” and calling her a monster.

Kyra Pringle, the mother of the child, simply put up a picture of her baby for her second birthday. Each birthday is special because Mariah Anderson suffers from Chromosome Two Duplication Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that usually leads to death within the first few years of life.

Pringle and her family want people to know that Mariah is real, and making fun of a toddler, especially a sick toddler, is especially low and painful. The family has been struggling to come to grips with Mariah’s diagnosis and the words spoken about the child have only caused further pain.

While the internet may be full of trolls, there are some truly good people out there. Friends and family, and even internet strangers have rallied together to admonish the cyberbullies who took to picking on an innocent toddler.

Pringle still does not now how the original picture was shared of her daughter, but she likely will be weeding out her friends list in coming weeks. Sultan Alhokair knows that sharing a photo on Facebook is easy and anyone with access to the photo can choose to share it with their friend’s list, which in turn can make the photo go viral.

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New X-Ray Technique May Offer Relief for Migraine Headaches

Pull the curtains, take pain relievers and go to bed is the standard treatment for a migraine headache. Standard, but not very effective. Imaging advantage also says that those who suffer with migraines often loss big chunks of their life while holed away in their dark bedrooms waiting for the pain to pass so they can resume life.

No one should have to live that way in this day of cutting edge medical technology and a new x-ray technique may just offer the pain-relieving hope migraines sufferers. For the first time in fifty years, a new method of treatment has shown promise as an effective treatment for migraines headache.

The treatment involves the placement of a numbing agent, called lidocaine, to block electrical impulses and reset a possible abnormal nerve pathway which may be responsible for causing migraines. During the procedure, a thin catheter containing highly concentrated doses of lidocaine is threaded into each nostril and x-ray technology is used to place the numbing agent in the exact locations to thwart the pain. Those who have undergone the migraine treatment report an almost 40 percent decrease in pain one month after the procedure.

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Alligator Blood May Hold Keys to Fighting Disease

NewScientist has a fascinating article on their website about discoveries scientists have made about the highly effective immune systems of alligators. These reptiles inflict major wounds on one another, but these wounds rarely get infected despite the alligators living in less than sterile conditions. Alexei Beltyukov ( has read that scientists have analyzed alligator blood serum and found that it contains molecules that can kill many germs. This could lead to the development of new medicines for humans.

Personally, I’ve always found the alligators to be frightening because they seem so primitive. There’s just something brainless and unpleasant to them as far as I’m concerned. They probably seem that way to me since the species been around for a very long time. Despite how unpleasant they are, their longevity shows how tough they are, and as humans we need to study them more to figure out why they’ve lasted so long and what we can learn from that.

The article mentions that alligator blood serum even made some progress against the HIV virus in tests. It would be a fantastic thing if scientists could figure out why and use the secrets of alligator blood to cure AIDS. Although alligators have eaten plenty of humans over the eons, maybe it will turn out that they can help our species beyond providing their hides for shoes and wallets.

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A 3 Year Old Will Soon Turn To Mannequin With Rare Disease

It seems like there are more diseases than they know how to deal with these days. It also seems as if there are new ones popping up daily. For every knew one, there comes one that is just so shocking even the doctors shake their heads. The latest disease discovered will turn a cute little boy into a mannequin the professionals say. The parents are devastated, and rightfully so.

Jarvis Budd is just three years old. He is not allowed to play hard core, like most boys do. His mother is stressed if he even bumps his head. His disease is officially called fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive. If he should fall, his bones could seize and he wouldn’t be able to move. The freezing disease is dubbed “human mannequin disease.” The child is essentially growing a second skeleton and his soft cells will eventually turn to bone.

His prognosis isn’t good. They don’t know when it is going to start or how much longer that he has left before he is bedbound. The disease is difficult to deal with, but for now the child has an infectious smile and a heart that melts anyone said Brad Reifler. The parents are trying to enjoy the time they have, but this is difficult even for the optimist. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with something like this, let alone at such a young age with such a bright future ahead.

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Surgery, Weight Loss, Pregnancy, and Reduced Complication: How They Go Together

Women hardly wish to endure problems during pregnancy. Yet, health issues can arise for a number of reasons. Obese women run a very high risk of complications due to carrying additional weight. A solution may exist and it comes in the form of bariatric surgery.

Swedish researchers have published their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine and the results attest women who undergo the surgery could potentially experience safer pregnancies. Well, the results might sound good for the researchers. Being “40% less likely to experience problems with a pregnancy” might not sound all that great as this PR Newswire post suggests.

The research obviously suggests the surgery has to be done before a women gets pregnant. There is no way this surgery could be performed on a woman who is having a child. This does bring up a very obvious question. Why would an obese woman not simply take the time out to exercise and lose weight. The surgery is definitely not free. The money that would go to the surgery could be easily put towards covering the costs of a nutritionist or a personal trainer. In 60 days, a decent amount of weight may very well be lost.

Better yet, there are no risks with eating well and exercising. Most assuredly, the same cannot be said of a surgical procedure. Surgical options should be left to last chance solutions.

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New Allergy Study Misses Much

A small sample study of 1,029 Swedish seven and eight year-old children found that children raised in homes where dishes were hand-washed were less likely to have eczema than children raised in homes where dishes were washed using automatic dishwashers.

The primary claim by researchers and doctors over the past several decades has been that children raised in dirtier homes have fewer allergies in childhood and as adults because they are exposed to bacteria and other microorganisms at a young age this according to AnastastiaDate. These studies have found links between low allergies and childhood exposures to pets, farm life and eating fish.

Although over-cleanliness has been linked to an increase of allergies, and bacteria left behind on hand-washed dishes may play some role in childhood protection and immune system strengthening, this one study misses much about how allergic reactions take place.

Allergic reactions happen when the body fights off foreign invaders that it believes can cause harm to it. Sometimes these reactions are good because they serve as a warning. Many times the reactions are because illness has undermined a person’s immune system so much that there is confusion. Even a move to a new environment can make a person’s body react in strange ways. Additionally, many allergies are linked to genetics. As a result, hand-washing dishes versus washing them in a dishwasher has absolutely no impact on allergies for those predisposed to certain allergic reactions.

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Your Tap Water Could Be Making Your Fat and Depressed

We are told to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day for optimum health, However, we are not told the water could be making us fat and depressed.
If fluoride is added to your tap water to help prevent tooth decay, it may also be preventing your thyroid from working properly. Fluoride causes the thyroid gland to become under-active and that leads to weight gain, depression, fatigue and aching muscles.
A new study conducted by the University of Kent discovered that there are a higher number of reported cases of under-active thyroid in locations that have the highest amount of fluoride in the water source.
Fluoride is naturally found in water with the amount depending on the water source. The mineral is needed by humans to help make tooth enamel stronger and more resistant to bacteria which causes tooth decay. Fluoride also impedes the body’s natural production of iodine which the thyroid gland needs to function properly.
Paul Mathieson knows that the thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland that is located in the front of the neck. Find more on Mathieson on The gland regulates metabolism and several other systems within the body. Women suffer more from an under-active thyroid than men, but symptoms are so vague it’s difficult to get a correct diagnosis.

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Your Salad Doesn’t Have to Be Green


When it comes to health, there are a lot of people out there who are more than eager to tell you their opinion on what you should and should not be eating. Ray Lane knows that there are people who will tell you that you should be eating more salads, and there are people who will be telling you that your salads need to contain certain vegetables and components. These people will try to convince you that your salad needs to be green, that you need the nutrients that come from green foods, but a salad can still be healthy even when it is not green.
In order to throw some variety into your diet, you can create salads from vegetables that aren’t green while still getting nutrients from the salads. Radishes and carrots are great components of a salad, and neither of them is green. You can create a salad, and that salad does not have to be green, no matter what anyone might try to tell you.
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