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Dog Food Brands Are Not Created Equal

Pet owners across the country are faced with an important decision each and every day. The particular brand of food served to their dogs is vital to the overall health of the dogs. With so many brands to choose from it is important for owners to consider the benefits of the food and how they affect their pets. Dogs have particular dietary needs, and finding a brand the dog enjoys that satisfies those requirements is a challenge undertaken every day.

Purina Beneful is a brand that uses top quality ingredients. In addition, Beneful is a brand that the employees that are involved in the manufacturing process choose to serve to their pets. The brand even uses social media accounts to highlight the different benefits of the brand and convey tips to pet parents. In short, Beneful is a brand that stands behind their product and encourages a healthy and active lifestyle for dogs everywhere.

Since dogs have a way of communicating with their owners, pet-friendly families should take the time to listen to the demands of the dog when it comes to dinner time. Choosing a brand that uses the majority of healthy ingredients without a large addition of filler material is a great way to ensure a healthy and active pet for years to come. After all, pets depend on their owners to make the best possible choices.

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North American Spine Featured On Dallas, Texas Tv Show

In recent years the reputation of North American Spine has been climbing both within the state of Texas and across North America. As the exclusive provider of the AccuraScope procedure in North America WFAA’s Good Morning Texas invited Dr. Basem Abdelfattah to their studio to provide some information about the procedure and its many benefits. StreetInsider reports Dr. Abdelfattah ran through the basics of the procedure with host Carrie McClure and explained how the typical patient with neck or back pain can receive almost instant relief from the minimally invasive surgical procedure.

Dr. Abdelfattah pointed out this form of laser surgery provides a greater level of comfort and shorter recovery time when compared with major surgical procedures completed on the back and neck. Once the symptoms and causes of the pain have been identified patients are generally treated on an out patient basis, which means the majority return home on the same day they undergo their surgery. The AccuraScope procedure has an 82 percent success rate and sees the majority of patients receive instant relief from the pain they were feeling when the surgery began. North American Spine is based in Dallas, Texas, but now states patients are traveling from within Texas and across North America in a bid to find relief from their neck and back pain through the innovative AccuraScope procedure.

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Igor Cornelsen Knows The Stock Market Well

Igor Cornelsen knows the stock market like few others do. He has more knowledge of what works and doesn’t work when you are investing in the stock market than most people could ever hope to. And, that is why it is so great that he is sharing some of his knowledge with us.

Those of us who would never have known how to succeed in the stock market on our own can now do well in it thanks to Igor Cornelsen. This man has shared some of his brains with us, and he has helped us to be at our best when investing in the stock market.
One of the pieces of advice that Igor Cornelsen shares for when you are making an investment in the stock market is to do your research. He says that it is important to carefully study the company that you are thinking of putting stock in. If you don’t do this, then it may backfire. You might end up losing all of your money on a company that is corrupt. Make sure that you carefully study each company before you put any money into them, and you will be much more likely to succeed.

Another piece of advice that Igor Cornelsen has to offer is to not invest your money into only one company. He says that that is a mistake, because then if the company fails, all of your money will be lost. It is better to invest in multiple companies that you have studied hard, and then you will be much more likely to earn money back.

So, Igor Cornelsen has a lot to say about the stock market, and if you have been thinking about putting some of your money toward investing in it, then you would be wise to listen to his advice. He is a smart man, and he really does know the stock market better than a lot of people.

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Sugary Drinks Kill Thousands Every Year

Each day Americans drink, and enjoy, sugary drinks without any thought to the consequences. Some even try to balance their consumption with diet or calorie-reduced options, but new information may suggest that cutting them out of your daily routine may be best for your health.

In a report from Newsweek, a study released this past Tuesday through the American Heart Association, tracking deaths at home and abroad attributed, to beverages with high sugar content. From their research, they discovered that up to 184,000 people died from the consumption of sugary drinks.

Researchers, all of whom who are part of the medical community and have been working with data sets collected since 1980, urge the public to significantly reduce the amount of sugar content of their drinks, though they would prefer it if people cut them out of their diet entirely. Alexei Beltyukov agrees that it is the surest option most have to reduce their likelihood of developing cardiovascular complications and serious medical conditions like diabetes and cancer.

Of the 611,000 people surveyed from 51 different nations found sugary drinks to be a greater culprit in promoting these medical conditions that sugary foods. This included sodas, fruit juices, iced tea, energy drinks/ waters, and homemade juices sweetened with table sugar. The regular consumption of these led 133,000 people to succumb to diabetes which ultimately became the cause of their deaths. 6,450 deaths were the result of cancer. The highest concentration of both were found in the US.

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The Brutal Link Between Junk Food, Sugar, and Depression

No one is going to even remotely state that junk food is good for you. Even during the heyday of sugary snacks being promoted to kids, the 1970’s cereal and cupcake era, public service announcements warned children (and adults alike) about the woes of eating too much sugar. Gaining excess weight or suffering from tooth decay are not the only problems you may have to contend with when your sugar and (bad) carbohydrate intake is way too high. You run the risk of developing depression. Apparently, the negative effect of sugar includes the possible onset of a depressive disorder.

This is not to oversimplify the serious issue of major depression. There are a lot of factors that could cause depressive disorders. Chemical imbalances in the brain and a troubled life are both common reasons why someone might feel very depressed. Folks at Boraie Development have found that, still, the link between depression and sugar should never be ignored.

Research does indicate people who suffer from depression are quite often persons who eat a diet very high in sugar. One reason may be the “high” sugar delivers leads to a crash once the effects of sugar wear off. Again, to say that eating too much sugar is the root cause of depression would be an over-simplification and an incorrect assessment as well.

Still, those who do feel depressed frequently may wish to curtail their intake of sugar. Too much sugar means too many problems.

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Sierra Leone’s Wealthy and Mighty Are Violating the Ebola Burial Rules

On the bare mountainside in the outskirts of Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown, Alieu Mansary wears a bold face as strangers all covered fully with plastic bodysuits descended his dad’s corpse in the grave. The man who was 71 years old had passed on after suffering from stroke. Everyone was aware of that. However, in a nation where the greatly infectious Ebola virus goes on to claim lives of people, this is a big blow and sacrifice that Sierra Leone has experienced.

In another occasion, Mansary explained, the corpse would be washed, dressed as well as perfumed, prior to being brought to the mosque for sendoff prayers. Then family members would have ferried him to the graveyard neighboring their homestead in the town’s eastern outskirts and buried him.

Mansary said that it was really hard when a person dies and you want to give them a special funeral. However, they have to respect the law if they want to have zero cases of Ebola in their country.

Ebola is always at its highest contagious rate within the hours as well as days after demise- one perilous burial can infect many people- causing the safe funeral policy crucial to wiping out the tenacious embers of this deadly outbreak. Sierra Leone, where Yahoo! Finance wrote that at least 3,500 people have been killed by the virus, is still getting numerous cases every week. The nation has witnessed 16 incidences in the past 2 weeks, consisting of Freetown, which was believed to have exterminated the disease.

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Some Sun Danger Signs

Summer is upon us, so there is no better time to discuss the dangers of the sun. Ultraviolet rays can truly cause harm to the skin. Whether you are young or old, it is important to know and understand the facts about sun exposure.

In May, a report was released by a British research team that more than 1/4 of middle-aged skin cells have actual DNA damage incurred by sun exposure. And these mutations seem normal to the naked eye but can be the first stages of skin cancer cells.

Sunscreen can help, but it is important to make sure that sunscreen is being regularly applied. Applying it occasionally, will not allow for the type of protection needed to avoid this DNA cell damage. Also, Jaime Garcia Dias suggests making sure that you reapply sunscreen when at the pool or beach is imperative. Just because a sunscreen says it is waterproof, does not mean it will stay on for several hours of sweat and water play.

While sunscreen is important for everyone, it is especially important to be applied to young children as they are at a more significant risk than teens and adults. Regular application of a 30+ SPF waterproof sunscreen during all outdoor activities, even on overcast days, will help limit sun damage. The CDC says at least 15+ SPF. Regular sunscreen use will limit the amount of damage to the skin from harsh UV rays and reduce the risk of skin cancer down the road.

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Becoming Vegetarian Involves Widespread Controversy; Here are 10 Common Ideas


For whatever reason, many people try going vegetarian during the summer, possibly because the dishes aren’t as heavy as meat dishes. But if you have been a vegetarian, you will hear certain comments constantly from the rest of the population stated

Here are 10 common things that vegetarians here everyday, and they have to learn to live with it.

1. Going out to restaurants is difficult, but when vegetarians are more selective they are loyal to the ones they like.
2. There are more vegans and vegetarians now than there have ever been.
3. People choose to be a vegetarian both for health reasons and because of the killing of animals.
4. “Other people” are always asking, “What about the protein?” Seriously, there is more protein in broccoli than in a piece of chicken.
5. “So, all you can eat is fish?” No.
6. Vegetarians eat only side dishes. Not true; Spaghetti Bolognese is a great dish.
7. Many are vegetarian because the meat industry has no concern for the animals.
8. Many people think that becoming a vegetarian would be too boring, but actually, vegetarians use a larger variety of fruits, vegetables and other foods than most meat-eaters.
9. Vegetarians do not wear Hemp.
10. Before you judge, try having a meat-free day once a week. It will be good for your health and the environment.

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PTSD May Increase Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack in Women

For the many that are afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), there’s no secret as to its debilitating effect on an individual’s ability to handle small issues such as a news story that may prove to be sad or upsetting or dealing with a noisy neighbor. Recent research in a published study, appearing in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, indicates that those issues may be the least of things for women to be concerned about. The study contends that women with PTSD may have an increased probability of stroke and heart attack.

The study, conducted at the Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University, in New York City, had researchers assessing the Nurse’s Health Study II, a 20 year evaluation of young women, in which 55,000 women participated. At the conclusion of the study, the participants completed a survey of the traumatic events they had experienced, such as, an assault or a disaster such as a hurricane, flood or blizzard and if they endured any PTSD as a result of the occurrence.

According to Brian Torchin in this article, researchers theorize that women with PTSD had an elevated probability of heart disease, which could be attributed to their lifestyles, which included smoking and a sedentary posture. Data revealed that women that endured trauma and demonstrated four PTSD symptoms had a 60% likelihood of having a stroke or heart attack.

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Struggling With Depression? Maybe Eliminating This Food Will Help You

If you have been struggling with depression, then you may be surprised by what could be causing it. Some sugars may make depression worse, a study has found. Not all sugars are bad for you like that, but some are. If you eat added sugars regularly, then you may be at a higher risk for depression.
So, what are you supposed to do? Well, Jaime suggests that if you are feeling depressed too often, then it might be a good idea for you to try eliminating the added sugar from your diet. Try a few days without it and see what happens. Or, maybe you feel that you can’t give up your sugar. Maybe you feel that it is the only thing keeping you going.
If you feel that you have depression, then it is a good idea to go and ask for help. And, maybe with this new study, you’ll be able to finally get the kind of help that you need.

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