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Wengie’s diet tips

There are many people who struggle with their diets, finding it difficult to keep their bodies in shape and healthy. Wengie who is a well known beauty blogger has a video on YouTube that gives some really great advice on being in shape, what it takes to get there and talks about what she has done to keep herself in great shape. During the course of the video, Wengie talks about forming better habits and making lifestyle changes in order to see the results one is looking for to get fit. Wengie says it is a timely process and encourages people to realize this and not get discouraged. According to her, habits take sixty to ninety days to kick. If a person’s habits take ninety days to kick then it’s basically going to be three months before seeing the results that particular person is searching for. Wengie talks about extreme short term diets to get fast results but discourages people from attempting them because they do not last. She explains the importance of making lifestyle changes, forming better eating habits which someone will be more likely to succeed in their weight loss goals long term. Wengie explains that weight gain doesn’t just happen, it is built up by a person’s habits over time and it is necessary to change those habits for the better in order to see the changes a person wants. Wengie also talks about the importance of self control and that if someone doesn’t practice self control then they will find it very difficult to stick with the new habits that they are trying to from. She says that recognizing weight loss is a timely process is the most important factor in losing weight and successfully keeping it off. According to Wengie starvation diets are not the way to go, one should choose healthy foods which they can eat a lot of and still be able to lose weight. She emphasizes the importance of keeping track of the amount of calories one consumes through the day which plays an important role in one’s weight loss journey.


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Nutrimost Gears Weight Loss to the Individual

Is losing weight and keeping it off truly an impossible dream? That’s how it feels to many Americans who are struggling to slim down. Getting thin is more than just about vanity. Extra weight can lead to serious health problems, including a higher risk for heart attacks, Type 2 Diabetes, strokes, joint problems and more. So why is it so hard to lose weight?

Many people who decide to lose weight seek medical help, but the problem is that many times patients are given a prescription for drugs to help them slim down. Many of these drugs have dangerous side effects, and some don’t ultimately help the patient keep the weight off for the long term.

Now, however, there is a new plan called Nutrimost that works with each person’s individual body type and their way of losing weight to create a plan that will really keep the weight off. The system uses a specially created body scan that analyzes each person’s specific body and individual way of losing weight. The Nutrimost system uses this information to create a weight loss plan that is unique for each patient. Patients using this system are seeing an average fat loss of five pounds a week on the plan. Some are losing 40 pounds or more on the plan, and the good news is they are keeping it off.

With so many people having a successful experience with the Nutrimost system, there’s no reason not to give it a try. People who want to try the initial body scan can receive one for a one time price of just $27.

So, when it’s time to shape up and enjoy greater health, go to
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New App for iPhone and Android

New applications hit the android and apple store almost every day. Most of them games or this and that type of apps. An exception with the new Securus Video Visitation. This application is available at the apple store and the android store. The purpose for this application is to help make the families of inmates better. This application is like Youtube, but has a video calling application that is compatible with almost any tablet or cell phone. It allows the user of the app to be able to share moments with an incarcerated family member where they usually could not do so.

Allowing video calling directly to almost any mobile device and making visiting ones family or friend more personal for both parties. Securus America’s application gives updates for visiting hours and upcoming video calls. The application provides safety and inmate self service. This Youtube-like application has been out for approximately 6 months for the android phone nd has been downloaded upward of 50,000 times. The apple application only launched a few weeks ago and has already been downloaded thousands of times as well. This application is a hit with families all over the place. Providing a more stable and less humiliation visitation for people with friends and family members who are incarcerated.

Visit and learn more about this app..

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NutriMost Diet Plan: Success and Weight Loss

NutriMost and Raving Results
NutriMost is a is a diet plan that continues to grow in popularity. There have been raving results with this entire program. The word is spreading and people are proving that this is a plan that equals success. This is a program that has shown that a person can lose 40 pounds in just 40 days. NutriMost is showing the raving results and is growing in popularity for very good reason. There are so many testimonials that make the claim that NutriMost is a plan that is leading to better health and a rapid weight loss.Not a One-Size-Fits-All Diet
NutriMost is not a one-size-fits-all diet because all individuals are unique in their health and diet needs. NutriMost is a fairly newer program. This is a plan that is indeed helping individuals to lose many pounds in a short period of time. The median weight loss has been approximately five pounds of fat on a weekly basis. This is a program that is customized to fit your goals and health needs.

Customized For Every Patient
One of the reasons that this program is working so well is because it is customized to meet individual needs. This is not a plan that includes the use of drugs. There is not a scheduled exercise plan in place. Each patient will be supervised by professional and qualified staff. This is a weight loss plan that is delivering success because it is so remarkable.

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Conditions Worsening in Venezuela

Inflation rates in Venezuela continue to spiral up out of control, according to a recent article published via CNN. According to the International Monetary Fund, inflation for 2016 will reach 461 percent. Next, year, the fund expects it to rise 1,642 percent. Spiraling inflation is affecting many things. In fact, those staying in the country’s swankiest hotels are now being asked to bring their own toilet paper and soap.

Meanwhile as reported by Latino Show Magazine, the value of the country’s bolivars are crashing when compared against the United States dollar. One dollar equals 1,125 bolivars at present, however, last year one dollar equalled 258 bolivars.
The country’s foreign reserves are already at an 12-year low. The country must pay out over $5 billion in payments during the fourth quarter. This is money that the country currently cannot access. Therefore, analysts like Norka believe that conditions will worsen in the foreseeable future.



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Fashion And Science Join To Make Erasable Tattoos

Tattoos have never been considered temporary. The needle goes into the skin and injects the inks that will last a lifetime. This has been the way of things for as long as tattoos have existed. The only way to presently rid oneself of a tattoo on to this point in time has been to undergo laser treatment.

This is about to change. Students at NYU have come up with the technology to make tattoos erasable. The present inks on Instagram that are used have large molecules that do not break down easily. New inks will possess smaller molecules allowing them to be undone.

This may be a breakthrough for getting rid of unwanted tattoos, but those who wish to keep their ink will need to undergo touch ups every five or so years. It is almost like the way that JustFab can help consumers undergo a revival in their closets. Their styles and brands are ready and available to ship when ordered.

JustFab offers a way to revamp the look of one’s shoes, accessories, and even jeans. They offer easy to wear fun fashions that will definitely put an end to outdated apparel. A visit to the JustFab site allows for endless surfing of all the latest fashions and they are even offered at a very reasonable price.

The Ephermeral company that is offering the new tattoo technology hopes to change the way everyone views getting ink. They hope that in five years time we see more people with tattoos as they will have the eventual option of getting rid of them if they do not like them. As the technology on continues to be worked on, the hope is that it will be at full scale in the tattoo industry with 60 months.

Tattoos have always been a way to express self. This issue has been in the means through which unwanted ink has to be removed. Now it is far easier to live with the tattoo than to undergo the painful process of removing it. The new technology will make the pain a thing of the past and make ink more accessible for more people.

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Brian Bonar Is Bringing High Quality Dining To Escondito

Located in Escondido, California, Bellamy’s is creating fabulous food and headed by award-winning Chef Patrick Ponsety. Patrick Ponsety is a Master Chef from France and brings his style flavor presentations to this excellent restaurant.

Brian Bonar is the owner of Bellamy’s as shown on San Diego Magazine. He is a Scottish entrepreneur that had an original idea for a restaurant and David forum. Originally named Tango it was renamed to Bellamy’s. Since its change of name, it is also changed its Style culinary presentations.Ponseti is currently the chef at another restaurant The Ranch at Bandy Canyon. He is creating food Fit For A King while building his dream kitchen there.

Brian Bonar had a vision for his restaurants, and he figured out a way to execute his vision with the utmost attention to detail and quality. He wanted to present progressive menu but keep things fresh and straightforward.

He selected a Master Chef to head Bellamy’s and later The Ranch At Bandy Canyon.Brian has also spent lots of time creating a five-star staff for his restaurants. He puts great attention to detail and all specs of his restaurants providing the very best dining experience possible. The residents of Escondido has noticed.

Modern Luxury also added that Brian Bonar was the CEO of Aurora Financial and the chairman and CEO of Dell Aurora Financial Corporation (–inc./salary/470203#.Vx4jtEURW4E). He was who’s who of Finance. He currently is the CEO of Trucept. He had been in the financial management business for over 30 years and had vast Financial experience.

Brian Bonar is also involved extensively with the community of Escondido. Bellamy’s and The Ranch At Bandy Canyon are considered the most top notch restaurant in that area. Brian is an entrepreneur with a vision with both financial and restaurant business. Everyone is on the edge of their seat to find out what kind of culinary delights he has in store for the future.

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Dick DeVos Hires a new Chief Executive Officer.

A new CEO of The Stow Company Inc. has been appointed by Mr. Dick DeVos, who is the chairperson of the company. The Stow Company Inc. is one of the leading firms in the custom home storage and the institutional products industry. It was established in 1984 and has currently employed 280 people at its facility in 3311 Windquest Drive Holland and Indianapolis. The company is privately held and does not announce its profits to the public. It sells its products in four brands which are Easy Closets do-it-yourself, ORG Home custom solutions, Distinctive Wine Cellars and Easy Track modular storage systems.

Mr. Phil Dolci was hired at the beginning of April 2016, to run the company which is a branch of The Windquest Group, based in Grand Rapids. He succeeds the Frank Newman, who is retiring at 67 years old but will still serve on the company’s board of advisors. Dolci is a talented leader, and he has acquired experience in the consumer products development and marketing for 23 years. He previously worked as a CEO at the Cincinnati-based Crosman Corporation, which is a principal global designer, producer, and supplier of merchandises for shooting sport. Mr. Dolci also held leadership positions at the Jarden Corporation’s U.S Playing Cards and Sanford. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago and the Kellogg School of Management, from which he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in economics and an MBA respectively. According to Dick DeVos, the new CEO has the appropriate experience and knowledge to lead The Stow Company’s advancement and presence in the market of home organization.

Dick DeVos worked at Amway, where he served in senior positions including being the company’s president from 1993 to 2002. He did an outstanding job at the business and made sales of over 4.5 billion dollars during his last year of service. Dick has also held executive positions in other organizations including The Windquest Group and Orlando Magic of the NBA. He served as Orlando Magic’s President and CEO before acquiring it in 1991. Dick DeVos participated actively in politics and was chosen to be the ambassador to Netherland by Bush’s government because of the role he played in the 2000 presidential campaigns. Dick also contested for the Michigan governor’s seat in 2006 but lost to the Democratic Party. In 1997, he launched, “Rediscovering American Values”, which was a New York Times bestselling book and has been published in seven languages.

Mr. DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos. Apart from being an entrepreneur, he is a philanthropist and with the support of his wife, they formed the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to help in developing the community. He also established the Education Freedom Fund that assists needy children in Michigan and has awarded more than 4000 scholarships. Dick led various downtown renaissances Grand Rapids and health projects such as the setting up of a heart hospital worth 130 million dollars.
Connect with DeVos on LinkedIn.

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A Nasty Fall Gives Andy Wirth New Appreciation of Life

Andy Wirth, President and CEO of Squaw Valley ski, had always been a thrill seeker. He had done amazing ski runs and climbed rock faces but had never sky dived. He always wanted to, so decided to try it with mountain athlete J.T. Holmes, who had sky dived many times before and considered it one of his favorite past times. Pretty soon, sky diving became an addiction of Wirth’s, one of his most favorite activities. He would sometimes jump 7 times in a day and learned to do really fun things in the air (get more info here:

That is, until a fateful accident that almost cost him his life. Iron Man exclusively reported that Andy Wirth was skydiving on a windy day and jumped far from the drop line. He realized he would either have to land through power lines or on a vineyard and decided on the vineyard.

As he landed, his arm was caught by a pole, pulling the entire extremity off. He was stuck, armless and gushing blood, but somehow survived. He knew at the time that he had a low chance of survival. He sang a song while he waited for help and tried to stop the blood.

Andy Wirth still thrill seeks now, but it took him many months to recover from that injury. Quite luckily for him, he still has his arm and plans on completing an Ironman competition in the near future.

Andy Wirth is CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, voted the best ski resort in North America by USA Today according to Crowd Rise. It is in view of Lake Tahoe with 270 trails and great ski runs for those who are experienced but also beginners to skiing and snowboarding. It is one of the largest ski areas in the country and was the site of the entire 1960 Winter Olympics.

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Venezuela Moves Clock Forward To Save Electricity

A country already blanketed by blackouts, water shortages and government ordered power conservation. Venezuela will be taking the entire country forward in time by 30 minutes, starting May 1, 2016.

In an effort to save energy during peak usage hours, Venezuela according to Danilo Diaz Granados will be leaping forward in time to combat energy consumption. This move forward in time reverses the 2007 presidential decision to turn the clocks back by a half an hour, to allow children to wake for school, with the sun already risen.

Normally, two-thirds of Venezuela’s energy is produced at the Guri Dam power station. This year severe drought has crippled the power making capacities of the hydroelectric plant. El Nino has been blamed for the continued drought conditions and its devastating effects.

This time change will allow peak use hours in the evening to have more sunlight and cut back daily use of electricity. Residents like Diaz Granados are being asked to take part in conservation.

In a world that consumes oil, at a rate that would lead you to believe in unlimited supply, Venezuela has opted not burn their supply to generate electricity.

Calling the use of the country’s vast stock of crude oil, as a power source, “inefficient.”

Residents are being encouraged to save energy by using the sun to dry clothes and to utilize hairdryers only on special occasions. President Nicola Maduro going so far as to declare Fridays, non working days, for the next 60 days to help create less stress on an already stressed system.


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