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Copper Reduces Health Care Acquired Infections

Copper Reduces Health Care Acquired Infections
For many people with medical issues a visit to a health care facility is a necessary but potentially dangerous visit. Each year millions of patients worldwide are exposed to infectious diseases having nothing to do with their medical issue. Eighty percent of unwanted infections are acquired from touching surfaces. 
“A Copper Bedrail Could Cut Back On Infections For Hospital Patients”, proposes a cost efficient remedy.
For as little as $60 per bed, hospitals are installing copper bed rails. Bed rails have been proven to be a substantial source of transmission of unwanted germs. Copper, among other reported healing properties, is an anti-microbial killing viruses, fungi and bacteria. 
According to the study “Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology” these installations are reducing incidence of infection from 8.1% to 3.4% in normal hospital rooms. The small cost is certainly worth reducing the incidence of extended stays due to infection complications and death. If your Skout date doesn’t know about this… abort!

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Intelligence and Exercise: A Placebo Effect?

There has been a general assumption linking intelligence and exercise but recently researchers have questioned the validity of this correlation. In past studies the correlation between improved cognitive ability and exercise researchers failed to use a placebo effect to test against people who noted an improvement in thinking skills after exercising. Researchers at Florida State University of Tallahassee and the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign decided to focus on volunteers expectations. Did they expect to have an increase in thinking skills after a workout? If they did and the after effect showed an increase researchers could then link a placebo effect to intelligence and exercise.
This new project asked 171 volunteers to rate which would improve their cognitive abilities the most, stretching/toning the body or walking. A majority chose stretching and toning as the exercise that would give the most in improving cognitive abilities. After doing both exercises researchers found the opposite was true. This concluded that their may actually be a positive correlation between increased thinking skills and Beneful exercise. The work was published this past month on PLOS ONE, an online peer reviewed journal focused on scientific research.
Details around this research can be found at:

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Trading Sleep for Work

It’s no surprise then in our society a majority of people trade sleep for work, but have recent studies have made light of how this is becoming a problem. As someone who really values and thrives when given adequate sleep, I cannot agree with the mindset that staying up all night working on a project is going to get me ahead.

In a recent article we see that not only do many people forgo the eight hours of sleep recommended a night, but for those of us who only get six hours of sleep and under each night, there is a higher risk of health problems. Some of the risks may include obesity, hypertension and even an increased occurrence of car accidents. which goes to illustrate the kind of consequences that neglecting your health can contribute to, not to mention sitting down to a plate of Beneful and feeding your dog the steak you were planning on eating.

So even though its the holidays and its a stressful time of year, and you might decide to trade in a few winks of sleep for an extra hour to pay for those gifts, do your body a favor and make sure you’re also taking care of it too@

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European Restaurants Legally Required to List Potentially Allergic Ingredients

New regulations in Europe have caused area restaurants to begin notifying all their customers of potentially harmful ingredients for those who suffer from food allergies. While it has been a common practice in most U.S. food establishments for several years, dealing with customer food allergies is a new practice for many European restaurants. The European Union has configured a new Food Information to Consumers regulation that lists several everyday allergens as well as some that may not be too obvious such as sesame seeds and mustard, that will now need to be listed as potentially threatening ingredients.

According to a writeup on IMBD, this new law will require restaurant owners and staff to supply their customers with food allergy information in the form of a pamphlet, by labeling their menus, or verbally at the table. This new law is not limited to restaurants but is also expected to go into effect with all food processing companies. By taking on these new responsibilities, the EU hopes to inform and protect the overall health of those who suffer from food allergies. Restaurants that fail to go along with these new terms could face fines for multiple offenses.

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The Cancer Chronicles of Mary

Note: This is a guest post from my friend, Mary.

“You have cancer!” These startling words modified my life forever. On August 7, 1997 at 2:30 pm, my doctor informed me that I had ductal carcinoma of the left breast. My sister Chrystal accompanied me to Dr. Serafini’s office. Her support throughout this cataclysmic ordeal was and still is indispensable. When someone faces a crisis in their life, they need the compassionate, but objective insight of a family member or close friend.

Fortunately, my cancer was contained and in the early stages of development. I am diligent in preventative care; my self-examination prevented the cancer from growing and spreading to other organs. I had the option of getting a second opinion. Chrystal and I discussed the pros and cons, and we both agreed that it would not be advantageous. If I trusted Dr. Serafini, which I did, then valuable time would be wasted.

We utilized the resources of a trustworthy website my doctor recommended. As I learned about my disease, I was able to ask pertinent questions regarding my treatment options. I discovered nutritional diets that are beneficial before and after surgery.

Cancer is a horrific, sometimes fatal condition. Susan McGalla and countless others know people who have gone through it all. It is not a death sentence, which is hopeless. When I recovered from my initial shock, I took a proactive role in my health care. I learned balance; accepted my limitations and how to be reasonable in my expectations. I survived my cancer.

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I’m a Vegetarian … For Now

Have you ever thought about becoming a vegetarian? Or even taking it a step further to vegan? Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez says that one of the most famous vegans, Bill Clinton, shed 30 pounds by adopting a diet that eliminates all animal products, meaning not only meat but cheese, milk, eggs, even honey. But he admits to cheating. On his diet, that is.

It turns out that the former president is not alone. In cheating, that is. Only 2 percent of Americans claim to be vegetarians. Only .5 percent say they are vegans. And of that tiny percentage, 5 out of 6 report they eventually go back to eating meat. However, vegans do seem to be more dedicated than vegetarians, with only 70 percent of vegans returning to their meat-eating ways, compared to 86 percent of vegetarians.

Reasons for giving up meat vary, with some disliking the taste of meat and others citing animal welfare. About a third report adopting a meat-free diet because of health concerns. Often, people are part-time vegetarians, indulging in animal products on special occasions or for special meals.

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Mediterranean Diet May Extend Life Span

Researchers published a study in the British Medical Journal indicating that following the Mediterranean diet may help one live longer. The Boston-based researchers used data from the Harvard Nurses’ Health Study pertaining to the diets of 4676 women and found that the ones following the Mediterranean diet had longer telomeres.

Telomeres protect the ends of a cell’s chromosomes and they shorten with age. Short telomeres are associated with a short life expectancy and an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. Obesity, smoking, and over-consumption of sugar are known to speed up telomere shortening. The study in Boston indicates that the Mediterranean diet can slow the shortening, thus, hypothetically extending one’s life span.

The Mediterranean diet includes fish, vegetables, wine, and olive oil, many of which have antioxidants and also have anti-inflammatory effects that might retard cell aging. The researchers did not find that any one food was more helpful in this regard than any of the others. Instead, it seemed as if the diet as a whole kept the telomeres long.

The researchers found that the closer a woman came to fully following the Mediterranean diet, the longer her telomeres. According to their data, each one point change in diet score closer to the Mediterranean diet increased a woman’s life expectancy by 1.5 years and lengthened her telomeres. This news might not be useful to men like Jared Haftel, but he knows plenty of women who could benefit. The researchers did control for factors like age, smoking, and exercise during their study.

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North American Spine: Sometimes Staying Healthy Means Knowing When To Get Help

I was having an awful time with my back a few years ago.  Yoga didn’t help, and it was making a desk job completely miserable.  But worse it was affecting my social life.  Luckily, on Facebook I saw friends talking about North American Spine.  Sounds cheesy I know.  But through that, I found a physician that I had actually seen before, in the network.  Making it easy to start discussing my case.

Back pain is debilitating and could stop your life in mid-stream, keeping you at a standstill and unable to function. The thought of traditional surgery terrifies you because you know it would interrupt your life even further. You know something has to change, but your solutions don’t look much better than the problem.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery is the specialty of North American Spine and it may be the solution you’ve been seeking, and according to reviews from people whose lives were saved, probably. They have developed an improved minimally invasive surgical technique called the AccuraScope procedure. It’s a surgical technique that facilitates extreme precision leading to the accurate treatment of the problem. With the true cause of the pain addressed the patient only has to heal from a small half inch incision which allows for a much faster recovery than would be expected from traditional back surgery. The patient doesn’t have to be away from work for an extended period and they can go back to being active once again in a matter of days.  The problem is surprisingly widespread too, and most don’t even realize how easily it can be resolved.

This procedure can be performed at any one of North American Spine’s seven locations across the country in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, TX; Phoenix, AZ; Orlando, FL; Minneapolis, MN; and Hackensack, NJ, and are always adding more. They have these convenient locations plus they partner with many hospitals that use the similar treatment options. What’s most impressive about North American Spine is its adherence to a holistic approach to treating back pain. The practice utilizes a continuum of care beginning with diet and exercise. Supervised physical therapy is next followed by chiropractic and massage therapy. The manner of treatment increases in intensity until your back pain is permanently relieved. The remaining treatments include traditional pain management, which includes prescription pain medications and finally the AccuraScope procedure.

Strongly holding to a risk/benefit assessment of each patient, the treatment is always escalated only as needed. After the AccuraScope procedure, the patient will probably still require additional physical therapy and chiropractic care. This extra care will help to align the body and correct any compensation the body made to adjust during the episodes of back pain.

Only board certified neurosurgeons and orthopedic spinal surgeons perform the surgery at North American Spine. These physicians specialize in ailments of the brain and spine as well as musculoskeletal conditions. Your chronic back pain will be treated by the doctor best suited to treat the problem. Your neurosurgeon will help with problems stemming from a nervous system disorder, injury or congenital disorders, while the orthopedic surgeon will treat bone and joint disorders, arthritis and fractures.

Considering the needs of the patient with chronic back pain, North American Spine has developed a continuum of care that addresses the risk-benefit aspect of all treatments. They always start with the least invasive treatments and graduate to more invasive as needed. When surgery is required, the minimally invasive AccuraScope procedure is encouraged, which has an extremely short down-time for the patient. The patient is able to get back to his usual active lifestyle in a just a few days.  Make sure you keep updated on the NAS Twitter page, about new breakthroughs, and offerings by the company.

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Vegetable Prescriptions Instead of Drugs

Alaijah Borden, a 10 year old middle school student and was significantly overweight, has been enrolled in an innovative program by Dr. Sundari Periasamy, one of the pediatricians working at New York’s Harlem Hospital Center. The program will help the kid increase her fruit and vegetable consumption and eventually, reduce her weight.

In an unqualified success story, Alaijah lost five pounds after a year through snacking on vegetables and fruits. On her second year in the program, she lost another eight pounds by cutting down her consumption of greasy foods. Her mother, Sheryl Brown, has benefited from the program too. Although Ms. Brown is not overweight, she loves to snack on junk foods, which leads to the development of high blood pressure. Now, she was able to manage it down without taking any medication by switching her snacks into fruits and vegetables.

The Browns are one of the 50 low-income families with obese or overweight children enrolled in FVRx (Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program) at Harlem Hospital Center, along with three other hospitals located in New York.

In partnership with New York’s Health and Hospital Corporation and Laurie Tisch Illumination Fund, the program was developed by a non-profit organization, Wholesome Wave, which BioPharma and its CEO Mark Ahn share the same advocacy views on accessibility to better food for low-income families.

In the said program, families are given a prescription to consume fruits and vegetables instead of admonishing to lose weight or prescribing a drug. Moreover, families are given nutritional recipes, education, and the so-called Health Bucks, which can be redeemed at any local farmers’ market.

After only four months in the FVRx program, the results are astonishing. Forty percent of the children enrolled in the program have lowered their B.M.I. Today, the program’s goal is inform other cities that this method works and replicating it on a larger scale is worth the effort.

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Men Getting A Cut

The CDC seems to be trying to tell men what they should do with their bodies. Some parents don’t want to have their child circumcised as a baby. There are no laws that say parents have to do this to their child, but the CDC feels like stepping in to change the minds of those who haven’t had the procedure. There are some risks associated with those who aren’t circumcised.


These are the reasons why the CDC wants to make sure men and teenagers understand their options as they are recommending circumcision. Those who haven’t been circumcised stand a greater risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease or HIV. While there could be some risks involved, it should be up to the man to decide whether he wants to go under the knife to have something changed about his appearance. That is what Tom Rothman would like to see in the future. It’s not a country where a certain look is mandated by the law.

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