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 Activision Blizzard: A Long Way Toward Healing the Company Culture

Activision Blizzard has been in the headlines lately. There was a lot of controversy about the company’s actions and how they managed key people. Their handling of player concerns with one of their most popular games caused some problems. But now Activision is taking steps to alter that moving forward. Their CEO Bobby Kotick sent out a press release explaining the efforts they are taking. They plan to make changes for the betterment of themselves, their employees, and their players. These changes are based on a series of demands by employees under the advocacy group they created, called A Better ABK.

One of the improvements that Activision Blizzard is taking is instituting zero-tolerance policies on workplace misconduct. They will implement more training, make organizational changes, and increase resources for reporting and investigation. They are also waiving required arbitration for certain claims so that victims may more easily seek restitution.

Activision Blizzard is also working toward increasing the diversity of employees over the next several years, increasing the number of female and non-binary employees by 50 percent. Furthering these efforts, the company plans to make a $1 million donation to Women in Games International. There will also be diversity improvements by investing more funds over the next ten years to help under-represented groups to gain education and jobs with the company. Current minority employees will also get opportunities for leadership positions across the company.

Another policy that Activision Blizzard had already begun working on involves pay equity for employees. In 2020, women earned slightly more than men on average for similar work. The company will remain transparent on this issue by reporting annually.

Reports on all of these plans and more will be given during progress updates every quarter. With all of these efforts and taking a voluntary reduction in his own pay, CEO Bobby Kotick looks toward the future with hope and determination.

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