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Alejandro Betancourt – Innovative Leader at Hawkers

Alejandro Betancourt has a record of success. As CEO of BGB Energy he led the company through major projects in South America. One of these projects gave the western part of South America access to gas, making it possible to export the country’s plentiful resource. Building on the success of this project, he founded his own company in 2007.

Alejandro Betancourt holds the largest share of Hawkers, supplier of high-quality sunglasses. The company competes against luxury brands but at much better prices. In 2016, when Hawkers was struggling to match its own growth, Betancourt kept them from potentially going out of business. His philosophy of persistence was just what the company needed.

He saw great promise in sunglasses supplier. Putting together an agreement with investors from another company he founded, O’Hara Administration, Alejandro Betancourt raised nearly $60 million by October of 2015 to help fund the eyewear supplier’s growth. Just over a year later, he took administrative lead of the company, bringing about important personnel and operational changes.

Alejandro Betancourt also improved the company’s marketing. He focused on young adults, the key demographic for them, by driving a stronger social media presence. He set up partnerships with other brands like El Ganso to make the eyewear company more visible than ever. He helped make Hawkers the brand of choice for numerous celebrities like Fernando Verdasco, Usher, and Nicky Romero.

In 2018, Alejandro Betancourt invested another 20 million euros in the company and became its largest shareholder. He became president of the company the same year.

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