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Study Reveals Tylenol More Effective For Pain than Vicodin

According to Dr. Andrew K. Chang, MD, lead author and associate professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, when it comes to superior pain relief , Vicodin was ineffective, in comparison to Tylenol #3, which is a codeine/acetaminophen combination.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering tightening prescription standards for Vicodin, and changing its category from a Schedule III drug to a Schedule II drug according to Crystal Hunt.

Schedule III drugs are considered a secondary probability for abuse, while Schedule II drugs are considered to have a high potential for abuse, and addiction.

Vicodin is typically an over-prescribed drug, designed to alleviate the half to high levels of pain. Because individuals don’t associate the drug with illegal street drugs, personal prescriptions are often overlooked, thereby falling into the hands of adolescents.

Vicodin is also not tightly regulated, as some other prescription drugs, so that it can contribute to their wide distribution. This has precipitated the study into the effectiveness of other pain relievers.

“This study was conducted because despite the preference of prescribing Vicodin over Tylenol, there was little evidence to support an advantage of Vicodin,” Dr. Chang.

On a pain scale of 1 to 10, both medications worked to diminish pain by 50 percent. However, Vicodin did not provide superior relief over Tylenol #3.

In 1991, the University of Pittsburgh conducted a trial study on pain relief, using hydrocodone versus codeine, and the research team concluded hydrocodone was more effective than codeine.

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Don’t Waste Your Calories On Soda

Now with all of the evidence about the dangers of soda pop for a person’s health, all parents do well to help their children to avoid soda completely. It has been known for quite some time that soda has huge amounts of sugar and that the carbonation is also not good for the human body, but now there was a study that was done by The Journal of American Geriatrics Society that proves that people that drink soda will essentially triple the amount of weight that they will store over their belly. Everyone at Anastasia Date knows that belly fat is the worst kind of fat that a person can have, because belly fat means that a person has a higher risk for developing heart problems and heart disease.

It is really sad when a person thinks about the way that many people in the world and Americans in particular choose to waste their calories. Not only is soda pop void of any nutritious value, but it actually is harmful. Parents need to teach their children that drinking soda pop is kind of like taking drugs or smoking a cigarette. It will only give them temporary satisfaction, but the end result is horrible. There is really no reason to drink soda pop considering all the horrible things that it does to the body. Once a month is fine, but beyond that is worthless.

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Google Works to Improve Health with Fact Checked Search Results


Google the health-related symptoms you are experiencing and after wading through pages of online information you’re likely to walk away believing you’re dying of a rare disease says Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. The truth would likely be much more close to some common benign disorder, but with all the mis-guided health information provided by Google, it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction.
Google is out to change that and wants to help improve the health of their search engine users.
More and more medical advice (even actual doctor’s visits) are going viral, Google is jumping on the online health care bandwagon by providing 400 common conditions that have been extensively fact-checked by doctors at the Mayo Clinic to their data base.
The fact-checked medical information will provide Google users with symptoms and treatments associated with these 400 common maladies. This health information is currently only available to Google users in United States, but will soon be available around the world. A Smartphone and a symptom can garner you free medical information that has been fact-checked for accuracy regardless if you live in a poverty-stricken nation that provides little to no hands-on medical treatment or if you live in next door to an accessible medical facility.
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California Disneyland is linked to the Outbreak of Measles

A measles epidemic was traced back to its start at Disneyland. It is now spreading across the entire state of California, and even beyond the state lines.

It is not just children that are suffering from this disease. Five adult Disneyland employees were also infected.

This has caused health experts to take a closer look at families who chose not to vaccinate their children for the measles. Sultan Alhokair believes this is probably for the best. In fact, health officials are not allowing children who have not been vaccinated for the measles to attend classes at school in Orange County, California. This is a result of close to 60 measles cases being diagnosed and reported in California recently.

The latest case in neighboring states was a 40 year old Oregon man. He had reportedly recently visited Disneyland. Now he is suffering from the measles.

The measles outbreak is causing problems in the state of California, and its neighboring boarding states as well. The measels outbreak is raising questions about the importance of vaccinations. How this will affect immunizations in the future remains to be seen.

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Another Benefit Provided by Vitamin D


It is already well known that vitamin D is absolutely vital to strong bones and avoiding health issues like osteoporosis. Also, it is important for healthy teeth and a strong immune system. Recent studies suggest that vitamin D may also help to fight colon cancer.

A recent study that was done included over 300 people who had developed colon cancer. All of these individuals had their vitamin D levels measured before any kind of cancer appeared in their body. Research found that when a person had higher levels of vitamin D in their body, they were less likely to develop colorectal tumors. The researchers have suggested that vitamin D interacts with the immune system and helps to prevent these tumors. All of this research was published in a journal called Gut.

It is obvious that vitamin D is essential for overall good health. According to the study mentioned above, it can fight cancerous tumors and can help fight infections as well. An individual should speak with their doctor about making sure they are getting enough vitamin D. Despite the fact that there are some supplements that are available that can take vitamin D, most medical professionals would agree that the best way to get a healthy dose of vitamin D is by limited exposure to the sun.   I recently visited my doctor, Dr. Rod Rohrich, about including vitamin D in my diet. A health professional will be able to give exact instructions to individuals to ensure that they are getting enough of this important vitamin. If you are looking to include this vitamin in your daily routine consulting a health professional is probably the best plan.

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Make Sure To Watch Your Calories

Americans continuously find themselves dieting. They try to do whatever they possibly can in order to lose weight. At the same time we are one of the fattest countries in all the world and though weight continues to mount up. It is interesting to note that many fast food chains have done things that make them seem like they’re trying to introduce health into their food. McDonald’s completely eliminated the Supersize menu and many other restaurants have started to introduce small plate items. The phrase “completion compulsion” was coined the 1950s because it is something that many people do. Even if they have a plate of food that is much too much for them to eat, they will keep eating because they want to finish.

Depending on a person size and age the average adult should only eat between 1600 and 2400 calories a day. The problem is that many adults may find themselves eating out or eating fast food for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When that is the case they may be surprised to know how easy calories can add up. By just doing something as simple as going to Chipotle and getting their burrito, chips, guacamole, and a Coke they have already surpassed 2000 calories. The same goes with going to a restaurant chain like Steak and shake. By ordering a double burger, french fries, and a ice cream shake it is very easy to quickly surpass 2000 calories. Those were just some examples of the many restaurant chains that make very high calorie foods. A person has to be sure to watch the amount of food that they are eating, and also their calorie intake.

According to, the best rule of thumb is to eat small portions of food little by little and to make sure to bring something to put food in to take home, reports Laurene Powell Jobs. When a person watches their calorie intake and also the types of food that they are eating, they will find that they can easily live a healthier happier life.