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Desiree Perez´s Recognition Keeps Roc Nation Sailing Smoothly

Known as the Billboard Women in Music, the event is yearly that includes many famous individuals and acknowledge the many successes that have been accomplished within the music industry. Being recognized always occurs for many music stars, which ranges from music talent to music executives. The yearly event, was significantly worthy for Desiree Perez, as she was named the Billboard Executive of the Year. This honor is extremely high and after the presentation she was named Roc Nation CEO.

It goes without showing that Desiree Perez has had a huge increase in her visibility, prominence, and control of the Roc Nation brand. In her role as CEO, Desiree has become more involved with each area made up of Roc Nation. Besides music, Roc Nation remains involved with many other areas of business such as branding, apparel, touring, managing talent, philanthropy, and projects involving film and television. Other affiliations that Desiree Perez guides Roc Nation with include many foundations so as to give back to the community. A few of these foundations include: RC24 Foundation, Team Roc, Cara Lionel Foundation, Shawn Carter Foundation, and REFORM Alliance.

Starting Out

Right from the start, Desiree Perez continues to lead the Roc Nation through her hard work and determination. As a Bronx native with Cuban ties Desiree got noticed rather quickly by Jay-Z shortly after being booked by her to perform a club. Then, when Roc Nation came to be, Jay-Z thought of her and her business savvy, which allowed him to bring her on board. While accepting the recognition, Desiree made sure to include as many people as she could to thank them for the support that was given from the very start. Also, she recognized Jay-Z for his continued efforts of superb leadership, which helped Roc Nation become strong and remain strong from here on out.