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Fast sharing of information is crucial. Considering the current happenings, the public has to get information as it happens. The Citizen App comes in handy during this period to curb the gap as the transmission of the information is done on time. Due to its ability to transmit information faster, the public gets to stay safe in case there is an impending danger in their neighborhood.

The app provides information on incidents happening by sending safety alerts and verified 911 information. By doing this, the public and their loved ones become aware and take measures to keep safe. Citizen app has been downloaded by individuals close to 234000 and has about seven million users. The app has guaranteed safety on individuals during demonstrations in their cities as they are able to check if the police are present.

This application saved a boy who had been abducted in Manhattan when it sends an alert and the boy was rescued from the abductors. Also, during the outbreak of fire in the Trump tower about thirty-four users of the app Livestream the incident on the Citizen App. This made the app hit the headlines in the United States.

The citizen app has a feature in which an individual is assigned an agent to monitor all live locations and the audio. It calls 911 on your behalf and gives alerts to those around you. To access this service one has to pay a monthly subscription of 5$. The service is offered 24/7 by the agent. The service further extends as the agent can monitor individuals’ heart rate through their apple watch. This is an exciting feature and service as it is being handled by a trained agent.

The security concerns about the SafeTrace feature on Covid-19 related information have been solved. All information about its users is safe and enciphered, therefore individuals should not worry. Refer to this article for additional information.


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