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How PosiGen is Saving the World

PosiGen is a solar energy and energy efficiency company that saves the world from climate change by providing renewable power to thousands of households in the United States. Founded in 2012, the solar power company has successfully been an environmentally-conscious business because they have never used any fossil fuels to generate electricity. At PosiGen, they are committed to creating a sustainable future for generations to come! The process of converting sunlight into electricity is called photovoltaics. 


Photovoltaic cells convert light into an electrical current which can then be stored or sent out onto the grid as direct current (DC) at PosiGen solar system. For this process to work, the semiconductor material must absorb photons from sunlight and release electrons before contacting another electrode. These electrons are then forced to flow by an electric field. The process of generating electricity where it is not immediately needed (such as through solar power) can be done using grid interconnections and net metering.


At the solar power company, this allows excess generation capacity to supply other customers within the utility’s service territory or send electricity into the PosiGen solar power company transmission system for sale at wholesale prices. This process is the same for both coal and solar power. The main difference between fossil fuels and renewable energy sources such as PosiGen solar panels, which can be used to lower one’s carbon footprint, comes down to their environmental impact at every stage of production and use. 

Solar panels from PosiGen do not release toxic chemicals into the environment while producing electricity as coal does. Solar panels do not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere like coal-fired power plants, one of the largest producers of carbon dioxide in America. These facts clearly show why more homeowners are switching to PosiGen solar energy every day! The ability for individual citizens to save our planet by making changes on their own is a truly remarkable idea. Solar energy is the future of our world, and PosiGen’s mission to bring renewable electricity to as many households as possible will ensure that we can survive climate change.