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Jessica Dean Attorney Achievements of Late


Jessica Dean is currently among the frontier women working in the law sector in America. She is a renowned lawyer, and is one of the partners at the Dean, Omar, Branham & Shirley law firm. Dean has spent several years practicing law and has been successful in the quest of fighting for her clients’ justice by demanding for their rights to be respected and demanding for justice.

Dean’s career is based on her educational qualifications which gave her a strong ground and higher playing field allowing her to serve competently. She is a graduate of both Boston University and The University of Texas. At Boston University she took a B.S in Economics and Political Science between the years 1995 and 1999. Later on, she joined The University of Texas where she graduated with honors in J.D Law in 2003. These educational as well as professional achievements allow her to serve competently and confidently.

Dean has served as an attorney in different states in America. She is a frontrunner in safety Law and also a leading Plaintiff Consumer Lawyer in America. She knows that in specialization one is able to focus on and perfect in one field and has therefore specialized in areas concerning employers’ work safety violations. This helps victims get justice. In addition to that the major companies and organizations are kept on their feet when Dean looks into their employees’ workplace conditions and ensures that they are safe and provides a safe working environment. 

Jessica Dean’s cases deal with issues concerning conditions such as poorly lit rooms, Inefficient processes that hinder growth, uncompetitive work culture, uncompetitive work culture and disengaged employees, poor workplace hygiene, lack of concern for employees’ health and safety.

By concerning herself with issues concerning workers safety and welfare, Jessica Dean plays a role in transforming the way the society looks at employment issues , her involvement pushes corporations to treat employees well as she speaks of the plight of employees thus preventing victimization.

Attorney Dean thus plays a major role in the law sector. She founded Dean Omar Branham Shirley with Amin Omar who she met in law school.