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Have Recess Before Lunch

It’s no secret of all the millions of fruits and vegetables that get wasted at schools simply because children do not eat them, regardless if lunch ladies put them on their plates. It seems almost simple. Why hasn’t this been discovered sooner or thought about before now?
Kids will get hungry after playing outside. It makes sense that they would eat almost anything after a hard time of play. Seven schools underwent this study. Four schools continued to have recess after lunch where three schools changed recess to before lunch. They indeed noticed a change. Fruit and vegetable consumption increased by fifty four percent. Not only is this a great way for schools to save money and not waste food, but fruits and vegetables are good for your body! Kids need these nutrients!
Dave and Brit Morin are huge supporters of this new research saying, it is recommended that every school make this switch! This is a sure way to get more and more kids to eat their fruits and vegetables.

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Without Chocolate Milk in Schools Milk Consumption Drops in Half


Milk has been a staple of school lunches for decades, and a variety of flavored milk products enhanced the appeal of the beverage to school children of any age. However, if simply removing one of the options occurred, like it has with recent health regulations, what would happen to milk consumption in schools? According one report, the total milk intake by students drops almost in half.Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan performed the study that dealt with simply removing chocolate milk from the equation of offerings in school lunches. While milk has a long history of nutritional gains, including Vitamin D and calcium, making the beverage part of school lunches helped kids get more of the benefits. However, chocolate milks has added sugar and other ingredients, which has led to it vanishing from the trays of students. According to Terra, the study even highlights that the kids that chose the plain milk did not finish it resulting in a higher amount of waste.

The preference of chocolate milk over regular milk, for kids anyway, is not exactly ground breaking, but the reduction in consumption is probably something the health regulators and policy makers, Like Fersen Lambranho, did not count on. Whether or not the decision is made to continue the offering of any flavored type of milk remains to be seen, but it seems clear that taking away options, even slightly more sugary ones, is not the best course to take.

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Dr. Daniel Amen and His Amazing Career

In the world of health care there are those who really stand out above the rest. There are certain medical professionals that just have the passion that it takes to be the best in their field. These are the individuals who really make a huge impact in the world. The work that they do helps change lives. Dr. Daniel Amen is just one of those doctors. He has created such a great career for himself by helping individuals throughout all different walks of life. The brain is a very delicate part of the body, and Dr. Daniel Amen has become an expert on the brain. 

Dr. Daniel Amen is a brain disorder specialist who also started the Amen Clinics. He has authored several articles as well as books some of which are New York Times Bestsellers. The Amen clinics focus on individuals who have ADHD and other brain disorders. These clinics have helped push forward medicine in the understanding of these types of brain disorders and the creative ways in which you can treat these brain disorders. Some disorders that are widely known now were even created by Amen himself. 

Dr. Amen has found a lot of success for himself in the world of sports as well. He has done many studies on the affects of brain injuries on professional athletes. Amen is also a post-concussion consultant for the National Football League. Amen has also had a great deal of success with television programs. His popular TV program, “Change your brain, change your life” has been a great success, and has been used many times by PBS stations to help raise money during pledge drives. Amen has also released a line of dietary supplement that are aimed at helping your brain during the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. His work has made a great impact on the world of medicine.

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Difference in Cow Sounds

British researchers studied the conversation of cows and found that they emit different sounds depending on the distance between them and their calves. It emits a Moo, especially when it wants mother’s milk.

In general, the sounds made by animals play roles in communication and social interaction, for example, for them to identify each other. 

Thus, one can sometimes wonder what may well mean the cows in a herd. Nottingham University researchers have been interested in this issue, especially the conversation between the cows and their calves.

Scientists have recorded and analyzed the sounds emitted by cows on a farm in Nottinghamshire, with very sensitive audio equipment. For this work, they used the “source-filter” theory: it considers the source of the sound comes from the pulmonary breath that vibrates the vocal cords.

The filter is represented by the supra-glottal cavities (upper vocal organs) that change the sound by amplifying certain frequencies, for example through the movements of the tongue and lips. The findings appear in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science.

Researchers have identified two types of sounds used by cows, with very different acoustic structures. 

When cows are close to their calves, that is to say, usually within 3 to 4 weeks after birth, they make the bass sound at low frequency. But when cows do not see their small ones, they emit more acute and loud sounds of high-frequency (153 Hz approximately).

As pointed out by friend Jared Haftel, studies like this prove that animals like cows have emotions. Go vegan!
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Vegetarians Live Longer According to New Study

Vegetarians avoid eating meat and avoid products and the results from their meat-less lifestyles has shown a reduction in weight, heart disease as well as certain types of cancer. A new study now reveals that a vegetarian lifestyle also promotes a longer life.
Sam Soret, coauthor of the study and associate dean of Loma Linda University School of Public Health, says that adhering to a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian lifestyle can add up to ten years to a person’s life. The study was very controlled and eliminated participants that had other life-shortening factors, such as smoking, obesity and excessive alcohol consumption.
The secret connection between going meat-less and living longer is quite simple. Eating meat, especially red meat, has been linked to several diseases, including heart disease. the more meat a person like Gianfrancesco Geno consumes in their diet, the more likely they are to develop a life-threatening disease.
Plants offer natural protection from diseases to the body through vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other protective factors. The less meat and the more plants one eats, the liklihood of adding a few more years to the lifespan is very probable. Just reducing meat intake to once a week has the same lifespan-increasing impact.
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Four Minutes Of Exercise Is Sufficient, Where Less Can Be Better

Health and fitness trainers are recommending and implementing training regiments that are much shorter yet may have the same or better results than longer routines. Even high intensity interval training has been questioned by Keith Mann as to whether it is sufficiently efficient for the time and energy levels expended. How much time is sufficient to dedicate to exercise and still obtain useful results?

Tabatha Training can be done in intervals of 4 minutes. It is a different type of HIIT, high intensity interval training, workout. Dr. Izumi Tabatha, a Japanese scientist, is credited with developing Tabatha Training. Dr. Tabatha found that HIIT improves the maximum oxygen intake by as much as 14 percent. In addition, anaerobic capacity is improved by 28 percent.

Anaerobic capacity is a measure of your ability to perform highly intense exertion before your body is able to deliver oxygen to the muscles. The greater your anaerobic capacity, the greater the time interval to fatigue.

A sampling of Tabatha Training workout is provided: Dr. Tabatha’s findings have shown that exercises that get at least the major muscle groups moving, if not the entire body, through use of dumbbells or body weight exercises can burn significant amounts of fat and build serious muscle. Performing an exercise for 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds, moving on to the next exercise until totaling 4 minutes, is key. That would be 8 exercises in 4 minutes.

Dr. Tabatha is not the only one with significant findings. In McMaster University in Ontario, Dr. Gibala performed similar research. His study found that 10 minute intervals, with one minute of high intensity exercise, a warm-up period and a warm-down period, were sufficient. This was performed 3 times each week, totaling 30 minutes per week. The study was performed for 6 weeks and the findings were significant. The research subjects all benefited.

Certainly many people do not have the time to devote to exercise on a regular basis for a full hour as often as 5 times each week. With HIIT combined with Tabatha Training or something similar, there may be an opportunity for more time pressed people to get the exercise needed and on the road to a better quality of life.

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Maybe Vegan Is The Way To Go


Many people have made a wise choice to change over to a vegan diet and there are many reason why. There is much evidence that shows that dairy and animal products can cause a lot of damage to the human body. There are five different side effects of consuming too much dairy protein that Sam Tabar wrote a post about on Facebook.

The first side effect is chronic inflammation of the body. When a person eats a lot of dairy it has many natural acids that can cause a body to have certain inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. The second side effect is aging. Animal products are not good for the body and they actually can cause the body to age a lot quicker. In reality it is much better for the body to eat raw and some cooked food such as fruits and vegetables in order for them to get healthy plant-based protein. The third side effect is poor skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and when there are issues with inflammation inside the body, it can cause the skin to suffer. The fourth problem is chronic digestive problems. Aside from the fact that lactose causes a person to have a lot of problems, it can also cause a lot of inflammation in the gut lining as well. The fifth issue from dairy products can be cancer. It is been found that digestive problems can be linked to cancer of the breast prostate and colon.

All of those things are and it is clear to see why people want to change their lifestyle completely and begin to eat a vegan diet. Vegan diet are completely void of any animal products, and that may be a diet that is good for the human body.

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Georgia Lad Among the First in Nation to Test Marijuana-Based Drug

Young Preston Weaver, age 7, cannot speak, hear, or see. His level of mental activity is likened unto that of a two-month old infant. This is because his brain suffers from a ravaging form of epilepsy known as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. In Preston’s case, he suffers roughly 100 seizures a day. It should be noted that most of the seizures he suffers from afflict his brain and do not carry the concomitant body gyrations that other seizures evoke.

Regardless, life is profoundly limiting for Preston and by extension to his mother Valeria, age 36. That might be changing sometime soon. This is because the young lad is now participating in a clinical trial by the research department at the Georgia Regent University to test the effects of a drug called Epidiolex on children who suffer from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. It should be noted that the drug is not approved by the FDA. Its active ingredient is cannabidiol, the same active ingredient found in marijuana. At the same time, cannabidiol does not cause a high.

Approval for the drug required authorization from Governor Nathan Deal, which people discussed on Tumblr. He willingly gave his approval if not outright blessing according to Igor Cornelsen. The governor explained that he was moved to compassion upon hearing the plight of Preston. The Georgia legislature failed to approve the measure for broader use in the state over provincial concerns about legalizing marijuana. Preston’s mother vows to fight to get the drug available to all the others who suffer from this debilitating disease.

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Ebola Hanging Around In The United Kingdom

Ebola has touched down in the UK. The patient is a nurse who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone has been quarantined and tested positive for the deadly disease.
The patient is currently in stable condition and is being treated in Glasgow Gartnavel Hospital in the Brownlee unit for infectious disease. The nurse reportedly returned from Sierra Leone to Scotland and then to Heathrow Airport on British Airways where she was screened for Ebola, but showed non signs or symptoms at that time. Unfortunately early Monday morning, she became ill and immediately went to the hospital and was placed in isolation. According to protocol, she is going to be transferred to Royal Free Hospital for maximal treatment as soon as possible. All passengers that were on both of the flights with the ill nurse flew on are being contacted as quickly as possible so they too can be screened accordingly and if needed, receive treatment. A hotline, according to Crunchbase, has been set up for all concerns of passengers that were on board those two flights. Jared Haftel was very pleased to see this.
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Do Women Need Their Own Viagra?

Dr Rod Rohrich asks: aren’t the sexual needs of women as essential as the erectile dysfunction that men have? Listening to one side is the main concern in the dispute over what is referred to as the “pink Viagra”, a drug purposely designed for women suffering from sexual-dysfunction. Medical organizations and pharmaceutical industries states that the lack of female drugs is a very imperative problem that is affecting so many relationships across United Sates each and every year, and this is the result of many years of unfairness in scientific study. Alternatively, several researchers think that these groups, together with the pharmaceutical industry, are developing a health need where none really exists, and also shows that there is no double standard in action in refusing the most recent female drug called Flibanserin. According to the way they perceive it, the advocates of pink pill are choosing the equality language, while drug promoters pay no attention to the complexities that come with the sexual dysfunction of women, and how well it can be treated. 

Among the difficulties involved in this argument is the interaction that exists between biological as well as psychological features of the sex drive of a person. The manner males and females are aroused is vastly complex- and the erectile dysfunction pills and flibanserin work in different ways. For instance, Viagra does not make a man to desire sex. This drug only becomes effective when a man is “turned on”, by assisting the blood to flow in the erectile tissue of the man’s penis. But flibanserin creates balance in the levels of particular neurotransmitters.

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