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Duda Melzer Brings Online Investment To The Brazilian Media Industry

Those who know the history of the RBS media group will know the Sirotsky family has been in control of the respected news and communications company since its founding in 1957 by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. However, despite being the third generation of the Sirotsky family to take over at RBS Educardo Sirotsky Melzer, better known by the nickname Duda, has used the company as career inspiration instead of an easy ride to the top of the media industry.

The arrival of Duda as the Executive President of RBS in 2016 came after a long career in Brazil and the U.S. that allowed Melzer to learn as much as possible about global finance and new media options. After graduating from Harvard Business School Duda set out on a new career that took him to an executive position with the digital media group Box Top Media; Melzer has continued to hold different positions with various companies even after he returned to RBS in 2004 to take on a series of executive roles.

Duda Melzer is hoping to incorporate the skills he developed living and working in the U.S. into his role as Executive President of the RBS Group, which means he will look to bring more digital media to the company with its basis in newspapers, TV, and radio. Prior to taking over the top job at RBS from his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky, Duda Melzer was already a high profile executive at investment company e.Bricks that works to secure financing for the planned educational media options being created for RBS. In the future Duda Melzer hopes to make RBS a global force in digital media as he continues to interact with companies like Google in a consistent exchange of ideas and planned projects.

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Spark Tank,” a spin off of the popular ABC TV show “Shark Tank”, was inspired and created by Marc Sparks and Lynne Sipiora. It is produced at Arizona State University. Social Service executives with an entrepreneurial spirit are invited to present their ideas to compete for financial backing. These ideas and projects will be judged by Marc and a panel of judges as to their worth.

Mark Sparks, whose money makes the program possible, is an entrepreneur who is creative and zealous in his desire to help people with small businesses and ideas. His career has been starting up companies and selling them to the highest bidder, and he has learned much about business from marketing to finance.

He is also excellent at communication and relationships, and it is from this background that he has had great success. He now offers young business owners financial and organizational help.

In “Spark Tank”, he analyzes the sales and profits of companies from their presentations. He then proceeds to help those with whom he is especially impressed. As a part of the deal, Marc Sparks usually gets a percentage of every company he invests in. From these investments, he has built his financial base.

The show continues to gain in popularity as the presentations meet deadlines and categories. Marc Sparks is very clear in stressing specific things that he and the judges will be looking for in the presentations.

1. The product or service must be unique.

2. There must be a promise of a return on the investment.

3. The sales data must give proof of demand and clear thinking and planning.

4. There must be a clear strategy for how money will help the venture and how this money will be used.

5. The presentation must be creative and interesting.

With this venture, Sparks is using his ideas and money for social projects. Typical of his sensitivity and generosity, is his concern for The Samaritan Inn, a personal project for the Homeless in the area. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

According to GoodReads, Marc Sparks has determined that $5,000 payed for the construction of a kennel behind the shelter for pets of homeless families; $5000 covered the cost of children’s camps and lessons so they did not need summer daycare; $5000 filled the tank of the company shuttle bus for one year, ensuring that clients without vehicles could get to work.

Recognizing that money represents solutions, is a specific ingredient of the business mind that is most valuable to the non-business world. It is the “Spark” that gives “Spark Tank” a bright spot on the horizon.

Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

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Helping others attain their Dreams, Brightens yours as Well

Nurturing a young, energetic person’s dream is a leeway to a great and brighter future. Appreciating a person’s effort motivates them to higher heights, and the good thing is, they never forget the efforts that put them at the place there are at no matter how high they go. In fact, it motivates them to pull others up to the place there are, which is an assurance of a greater future. The beginner of this gets no great credit for inspiring a great person. However, they are created for nurturing and building a generation of great people.

The Swiss startup factory is one company that can proudly take credit for this. Its co- founder and Managing Partner Mike Baur has stirred it to great heights. The company was built as a mentorship and startup financier to young people who have great ideas, mostly lined on digital technology. The world is quickly changing and adopting digital technology, and hence there is not only a great opportunity in digital technology but also a wider market for the tech, ranging from individuals to corporate and governments as well.

Baur saw the need to tap into this niche and has since impacted the lives of any young people through financing their startups and offering mentorship to them as they get into the business and entrepreneurial world. As a young person, he had the passion for banking and finance and has grown to live his dream, he once worked at a commercial apprentice at UBS and paved his way to an executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank. The opportunity motivated him to start his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 39, where he cofounded the Swiss Startup Factory, which is the number one, independent and privately financed ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland. His great aim is to mentor and help the young in their startups.

The company has great like-minded individuals who work tirelessly it ensure the success of each startup, the services offered as well are lined towards the success of not only the early business venture of the young people but the success of the company as well; it needs to help many others. It has attracted the investments of great people who share in the same goals, e.g. Michael Hartweg who gave up his finance operational role in Leonteq to join the Swiss Startup Factory, he is to invest in carefully selected startups, and will earmark the startups with investors, and evaluate and coach them in their developments

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Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Should NutriMost feel flattered that their rival, Healthy Living, has tried to make their promotional video as their own? Probably not considering it is illegal and unethical. Deciding to sue is probably a good move as this sort of thing does not need to happen in the marketing world, but also in the dieting and nutrition world. Consumers want to believe that the plan they are following for weight loss is safe and if a company steals the ideas of another company then how can you be sure their plan is healthy and safe?

You can be sure you are following a healthy and safe plan when you follow the NutriMost program. Supervised by a physician and customized to your personal weight and goals, you can feel confident you are following a safe plan and achieving health at the same time. This plan does not include shakes, pre-packaged meals, drugs or hormones. In fact, after the 40 days of this plan your metabolism will be reset and your hormones balances leaving you feeling great and having a great deal of success with your weight loss. Many people have reported losing at least 20 pounds in the first 40 days. Others have lost up to 40 pounds!

Achieving your weight loss goals can be made a lot easier by following this plan and you can be sure it is tailored to your needs.

Original Sources:

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NutriMost Sues Healthy Living Over Alleged Promotional Video Theft

Weight-loss company NutriMost has taken rival Healthy Living to court for allegedly commandeering and using one of their promotional videos. NutriMost sued Healthy Living in Manhattan Federal Court demanding the company stop using the video in question and pay damages. According to NutriMost, the video, which was altered and used to promote Healthy Living products, includes images of and statements by NutriMost founder Dr. Ray Wisniewski as well as testimonials by NutriMost customers. The disputed marketing video has since been removed from the Healthy Living website.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

NutriMost is an incredibly effective weight-loss system which was created by Dr. Wisniewski in the 1980s. The system is based on nutritional science, Biblical principles and groundbreaking technology. Called the ‘Ultimate Fat Loss System’, NutriMost has been known to help people lose up to 40 pounds in 6 weeks or less. The key to its success is the use of proprietary NutriMost technology to identify the cause of the excess weight and balance the body’s hormones to help the body rid itself of the poisons and problems that led to the unwanted weight gain. This results in the user returning to their ideal weight and optimal health.

The process begins with a body scan. The results are analyzed, the issues leading to the weight gain identified and an individualized NutriMost program is created for the user. The entire process is supervised by a physician. The results have been nothing short of amazing. The average person is able to attain and maintain their optimal weight and enjoy improved health going forward. The process is fast, easy and effective and has transformed the lives of many people. A number of them have reported that following the health principles taught by the NutriMost has allowed them to get off medications and enjoy a better quality of life.

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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer: Grupo RBS President Passionate About Managing People

With the ADVB / RS crowded auditorium, the chief executive, and president of Grupo RBS talked about business culture, people, leadership, administrative capability and legacy. He said that the borders are and are at the head of everyone. We also don’t have any kind of limit; our development is our logic. Thus the president and CEO Duda Melzer the history of the 56 years of RBS company on the 2013 second series edition of lectures. Duda, with the audience of numerous entrepreneurs and executives, as is known spoke on the commitment towards growth. He also gave his recipe for success in his lecture; the courage and focus of people for the expansion of the business.

Former presidents to the ADVB/RS have attracted numerous public to the headquarters of the large Brazilian groups. The project, You The President, created last year, brought Jose Gallo, Fransisco valim, Lojas Renner, Clovis Tramontina, danel randon, Ademer Schardong, Guiherme Paulus and Sicredi. This is a forum that lets the people exchange ideas from those that became presidents but were not born leaders. They tell the stories that we never know, and all are summed up by Telmo Costa, the ADVB president, who chaired the show. The next meeting was scheduled for may 27, 2016. Stara president Gilson Trenepohl will have a chance to share his experience in the forum about their company that has the largest agricultural machinery in the country.

As Grupo RBS president executive, since last year, Duda Melzer revealed their daily motivation at work. He said that he is very passionate about managing people who cooperate with him and close to him. He says that he loves his job and his family as well which gives him happiness. Leadership encompasses two dimensions, for the young CEO, skills in people and expertise in business.

Learn More About Duda:

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Texas Girl Jennifer Walden Returns To Texas to Help Others Medically

As people complete high school and college they begin choosing their paths for their lives. Questions they ask are, “Do I want to live in my hometown or go off to another city to live”? They also ask themselves what direction they may want to go with their careers. Jennifer Walden is no exception. She did very well in high school and college. She has very good parents and excellent role models for her and now her sons. Jennifer gave birth while staying in New york. Her Manhattan boss was instrumental in getting Jennifer interested in a career in the media. Jennifer began to think how being a media commentator could help him get information out to the public. She is an authority on reconstruction surgery and the reasons why people do what they do. After eight years in Manhattan, Jennifer is now back in Texas where she belongs.

Plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgeries are lifesavers for some people. If a person is injured in a fire he or she will probably need reconstruction. A person that is burnt usually needs skin grafting. some people are lucky and can use skin from their own legs or buttocks. Other people may have to use skin from animals such as pigs. Pig skin is very useful because it is very close to the actual human skin. Pigskin has a better chance than any other type of graft except their own human skin. The skin graft will take a while to heal. The skin graft area is usually kept wrapped up until it fully heals. This makes sure there is no infection that sets in and that the skin takes.

Jennifer Walden is instrumental in explaining the process of Vaginal Rejuvenation. She also takes the time to explain what is to be expected. Jennifer is a fantastic public speaker and a great surgeon. She has recently opened the new satellite office and is now being featured in the American Airlines Magazine. Some of the more personal avenues that Jennifer checks out are things like Mommy make overs, teen plastic surgery, and minimally invasive procedures like Botox.


Find out more about Dr. Jennifer Walden:


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Nurtimost Suing Healthy Living Over Stolen Video

One of the newest and most popular weight loss companies in the country says that their rival company stole from them and is suing them as a result. The plaintiff in the case is Nutrimost. They claim that rival New York-based company, Healthy Living, stole a promotional video regarding their weight loss plan off of the Nutrimost website and posted it on their own site. They then continued to display the video on their site even after they were sent a cease and desist letter from Nutrimost’s lawyers. Healthy Living says they took the video down but Nutrimost says it was just an edited and shortened version of the original video.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Nutrimost claims that the video that Healthy Living posted on their website is a complete copy of the original. The only difference is that the word Nutrimost was removed and the original slogan “The Ultimate Weight Loss System” was replaced with the phrase “Can’t Lose Diet”. As of today, the video is not up on the Healthy Living website.

The Nutrimost Weight Loss system is a new system that is based on both technology and spiritual healing. The program uses something called the NRF or “Nutrimost Resonant Frequency” to scan the patient and determine their needs when it comes to the health and their weight loss. Some people have had great success with this weight loss system by losing up to 40 lbs. in the first month of being on the program.

Nutrimost is suing Healthy Living for $300,000 for stealing the video affecting the goodwill and reputation of the Nutrimost company. They are also asking that a court order is given that prevents Healthy Living from ever using the video, or any other stolen videos, on the website again to promote their company. Neither company could be reached for comment at the time of this article.

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Best Ski Resort For A Family Vacation In Lake Tahoe

With its abundance of on-mountain thrills, Lake Tahoe is a winter wonderland for the perfect family vacation. Offering 300 to 500 inches of snow each winter, it is the ultimate winter destination for the whole family. Lake Tahoe offers a horde of fine resorts, each offering a unique brand of charm for families ready for pristine skiing. Here are the best skiing Lake Tahoe resorts for families.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort
Made famous by ski heroes of the past, is a top-rated family destination due to its remarkably family-friendly terrain dedicated to beginners. Spanning a massive 6,000 acres, its varied terrain, and European-inspired village ensures a great experience for families.

Offering a bevy of nice programs for varying ski levels, there is no doubt that this world class resort will give your family a quality experience. 45% of its terrain is fantastic for first timers, who learn to ski with a full view of Lake Tahoe. Night skiing is free with beautifully lit ski runs. It offers affordable dining and a wealth of fun activities to choose from.

Alpine Meadows Ski Resort
Sitting on 2,400 acres, Alpine Meadows Resort provides families with a classic ski playground and snowboard experience. Alpine Meadows offers a great variety of terrain and a kid-friendly ski program. It is a mellow alternative to Squaw Valley claiming to fame with the longest snow season in Lake Tahoe and the region’s only mountain-top beginner areas. It’s approachable hospitality makes it a great destination for families.

Heavenly Ski Resort
Located on the south shore of Lake Tahoe and spread out on over 4,800 acres, Heavenly Ski Resort is a family getaway that satisfies skiers and shoppers alike. With a scenic beauty and expansive network of lifts, terrain, trails, and snowmaking, Heavenly has one of the most stunning views known to travelers. It offers a massive village, endless dining and shopping options and of course a legendary 24hr life. It offers daycare for children as young as two months and a range of ski lessons for all ages.

Kirkwood Ski Resort
Located on Lake Tahoe’s south shore, Kirkwood Ski Resort boasts 15 lifts on 2,300 acres. It has plenty of varying runs for all ski levels and a backcountry awareness for those who to escape the crowds. If you love cooking your family a nice vacation meal and cozying up by the fire, Kirkwood is the place to go.

Northstar ski resort
Offering a luxurious indulgence experience, Northstar offers a whopping 2,280 feet vertical drop. It also offers private and group ski lessons for kids who are ready to start skiing.

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WEN by Chaz Works Wonders on Fine Hair

Originally reported on, Emily McClure, a brave fashion and beauty editor, decided to give the infomercial heavy WEN by Chaz a try. WEN by Chaz frequently plays on shopping networks like Total Beauty and has beautiful women with luscious, healthy hair. Tired of her own fine hair, she decided to give this hair care line a try. She specifically chose WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner, which is a three in one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment.

When she chose a conditioner, she picked the sephora endorsed fig version, offering moisture, bounce, and shine. She used the recommended amount on the bottle, ten pumps. This amount is much larger than other products. The first day her hair was clean and less hair fell out. After a couple of days, it was shinier and healthier. A week later she noticed more bounce in her hair. Her recommendation was that it was worth the time if you use and style your hair regularly.

Wen hair by Chaz is a hair care line created by Chaz Dean to help his hair clients achieve their goal of healthier and more luscious hair. Chaz Dean is a famous stylist with his own studio in LA. His philosophy is to help his clients achieve the hair of their dreams and his hair services and products are both designed to achieve his goal.

WEN by Chaz works wonders on Fine Hair

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