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Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes: Mac And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a side dish that many people look forward to during the Thanksgiving season. The creamy, cheesy goodness goes great with other Thanksgiving sides, and is often too rich to consume on a regular basis.

For people who a dairy intolerance or those who follow a vegan diet, macaroni and cheese used to be a dish that was off-limits. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to make the holiday favorite with cheese substitutes that make the dish just as tasty.

One of the healthiest ways to make non-dairy macaroni and cheese is to puree starchy vegetables to use as the “cheese.” Carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes can serve as the base for the cheese sauce. Savory seasonings such as garlic, black pepper, onion salt and cumin can be used to season the vegetables, along with nutritional yeast, which gives the “cheese sauce” its cheddar flavor. I saved the following video on my FreedomPop phone so I can watch it while I’m cooking in the kitchen:

Vegan milk substitutes made from almond or cashews can also be used to make the dish creamier. Non-dairy mac and cheese is lower in calories and fat than the traditional version of the casserole, and can also serve as a significant source of fiber.

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Simple Ways to Control Your Headaches

Headaches are one of the most common health complaints people have around the world. In fact, 90 percent of the population has had a headache at some point in their life. In most cases though, headache pain is completely treatable or even preventable.

This first step in treating a headache is determining what type of headache you have. Some headaches, called primary headaches, occur without any underlying health problem. Primary headaches include tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches. If you’re experiencing a headache due to illness, allergies, a hangover, or any other external factor, it’s called a secondary headache. If you’re experiencing a secondary headache, it’s obviously necessary to treat the cause of the headache.

For primary headaches, there are several home remedies that can alleviate your pain. Pain killers are probably the most common treatment, but overuse of pain killers can cause more headaches. Instead, a great place to start is with your diet. Some foods that are known to commonly aggravate headaches include dairy, chocolate, onions, bananas and citrus fruits, and foods with chemical additives. There are also foods that can help headaches, such as flaxseed (omega-3 fatty acids), coffee (caffeine), and cayenne pepper (endorphin stimulant).

Aside from dietary changes, some other ways to treat headaches include scalp massage and inhaling certain oils, such as basil, lavender, or peppermint oils, to either help you relax or help to control blood flow and oxygenation. Gianfrancesco Genoso is going to try and use all of these techniques going forward to prevent headaches. Ice packs, exercise, and proper hydration can also be key in helping you to control your headaches.

The Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York has a great infographic here with more information and tips on the causes and types of headaches, as well as remedies.

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Ebola Successes Are Forgotten

After the recent panic stricken through several of America’s largest cities from Ebola, the analysis over how the authorities acted throughout the outbreak begins. While the epidemic still rages through western Africa, some leaders in the United States are looking back at the impacts of the few cases that were caught and treated domestically.
The outbreak consisted of a few cases in total, all with health care professionals who were working in Africa on the epidemic. This didn’t seem too bad overall according to Sultan Alhokair. Upon returning to the United States, they had symptoms and were treated locally. Only one case, the first patient in Texas, died from the illness.
The public health authority’s handling of the outbreak was called into question after the death. Additionally, the few contractions and fatality was politicized by Republicans as an insight into the failure of our current government. President Barak Obama was specifically blamed for not controlling the cases better. He then appointed an expert to organize the treatment of Ebola patients in hospitals, and prepare sights that could properly quarantine patients’ is more cases popped up.
Since the last case of Ebola in the United States, in a doctor in New York City who was cured, little has been said of the political implications surrounding the wholly successful outcome. Few Democrats are mentioning the positive steps that were taken that eventually led to an Ebola-free America, and no Republicans want to link the president to Ebola because now it is not an emotional criticism of the president anymore.

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The Mediterranean Diet May be the Best Way to Deal with Obesity

The Mediterranean diet, long considered good for cardiovascular health, may be the best option for long-term weight loss. An editorial in the Postgraduate Medical Journal promotes the Mediterranean diet, which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and olive oil as being beneficial for promptly reducing cardiovascular risk, and may be better than low-fat diets or calorie counting for weight control. It also includes a good balance of nutrients, which would not be guaranteed if mere calorie control was the major criterion.

The article says that following a Mediterranean diet after a heart attack is nearly three times as effective as taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs when it comes to decreasing the risk of death. Professor David Haslam agrees with the gist of the article, and warned against thinking of all calories as equal. He pointed out that specific food components may influence metabolism in different ways even if they are equivalent in calories.

I’ve been watching some of health guru Jared Haftel’s Vine videos and they are some that show him eating the Mediterranean diet after a workout. I think it’s a great option in my opinion. Feel free to share yours though.

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Womens Health Often Ignored

Is it any wonder that a lot of male doctors ignore the concerns of their female patients given a study earlier this year showed that medical research relating to men and women often doesn’t include a good sampling of female participants? Big thanks to friend of the site Keith Mann for sending in the tip.

In today’s modern society, women are still perceived by many male doctors as being anxiety sufferers or hypochondriacs if they show concern about sudden changes in their health or chronic symptoms.

How can male doctors who approach medicine this way justify their actions as more reports surface of women suffering and dying because of their attitude? After all, a woman can have symptoms normal for her age that are caused by a serious health issue — as was the case of a UK woman, Jean Cross, who died in 2011 after suffering for three years with pain and frozen shoulder symptoms that were ultimately caused by cancer.

As men are less likely to relate to worries associated with female-specific concerns like breast care, pregnancy, reproductive health and associated cancers, many women feel male doctors shouldn’t be permitted to make decisions about their health.

It boils down to a single question:

If you’re a woman, do you feel comfortable with a man deciding that the lump in your breast, cyst on your ovary or frozen shoulder is normal and something that doesn’t require any additional testing unless you feel symptoms before the next checkup?

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The Importance Of The Follow Up

Your mother always told you as you were growing up the importance of following through, and as a child, you did it. For some unknown reason though, as you got older, you decided this was not as necessary as before, especially with your doctor.

When it comes to our health, it seems very strange that people will go to the doctor intially for a health problem, but then slack off and not follow up; maybe because they took the medicine and feel better and do not think they need to, or maybe they are simply too lazy. Whatever the reason is for not returning for medical follow up, now is the time to change!

Keep in mind that though you might feel better, it is crucial to follow up again with the doctor and get a clean bill of health. As pointed out by friend of the site Fersen Lambranho, these follow-ups may be time consuming but they can save you twice the trouble if the symptoms come back later.

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Obamacare Designer Calls American Voters “Stupid”

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, may be one of the most controversial bills passed in the last few decades. The law passed in 2013 under President Obama had an initial roll-out filled with glitches. Republicans have voted several times for its removal, and some conservatives have made it their sole purpose to remove the law, which was designed to reign in healthcare costs. North American Spine is just one of countless medical offices affiliated with this. The most recent addition to the controversy surrounding Obamacare was from an MIT economist who was part of the team that drafted the legislation. The economist, Jonathan Gruber, was a member of the draft committee in 2008.

However, videos of Gruber recently circulated the news as the MIT professor said that parts of Obamacare passed because Americans were too stupid to understand what they meant. The videos were taken at a series of talks given at various academic institutions in 2012 and 2013 before the roll-out took place. In total, there are three separate videos that have surfaced all with remarks by Gruber that citizens were “stupid” and “exploited.”

One of the worst instances comes from a University of Pennsylvania clip in which Gruber notes that the lack of political transparency around the process was a great advantage. This was only a possibility because of the stupidity of the American voter. He also later stated on the panel discussion that he would “rather have this law than not.” Ultimately Gruber stated that about 70% of the law is beneficial.

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Settlement Reached in Ebola Case

According to this link, the family of Thomas Eric Duncan has reached a settlement with Texas Health Systems in regards to the death of the Liberian national. Duncan is the first and only patient with Ebola to have died in the United States. The hospital immediately came under scrutiny after details of the man’s death were revealed. Duncan traveled to the United States to Texas in September to visit family.


He began experiencing Ebola like symptoms so he went to the emergency room, where a temperature of 103 degrees was recorded. Instead of admitting the Liberian man, he was given antibiotics and sent home. He returned to the emergency room five days later and was diagnosed with Ebola. After a week in the hospital, he passed away from the virus. The settlement is confidential but it is known that the hospital will set up a memorial fund in Duncan’s name that will help Ebola victims in West Africa.

This settlement was not due to race or lack of insurance, but because the hospital did not follow proper policies and procedures. The family received what was well deserved and hopefully the memorial fund will raise enough money to stop those in West Africa from the deadly virus. Haftel and others were glad to see this settlement come together.

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Fitness Age Might Determine Lifespan

Fitness has many purposes, but perhaps its most important is extending our lifespan. Along with a healthy diet, maintaining good fitness allows for a more active lifestyle, without the threat of complications resulting from diabetes and obesity.

A Norwegian study has been going on to better understand this, working with about 55,000 people from 20 to 90 years old.

This study suggested that there is a factor called VO2max, which is the ability of the body to handle oxygen and use it constructively. When this factor is 85% or more, Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez suggests this indicates that one is similar to healthy people of same age.

However, if this factor was below 85%, the study suggested that the fitness age is probably older than the chronological age.

It suggested that those who have a fitness age much older than their chronological age have 82% chance to be exposed to premature deaths more than those who have the same or younger than their actual age.

The good news, however, suggests that the fitness age could be altered, and returned to a younger fitness age by exercising regularly. This relationship was explained by Ulrik Wisloff, the head of the study team.

The team also provides an online questionnaire to help people around the world figure out their fitness age and act accordingly. The team also suggests exercises to help reduce the fitness age on the same University site:

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Does Endurance Training Harm Your Teeth?

For years it has been suspected that there is a link between intense exercise and dental erosion. In 2012, dentists examined 278 athletes competing in the Summer Olympics. They reported unusually high levels of tooth decay, enamel erosion and gum disease which of course concerned Jared Haftel. But the evidence isn’t totally clear for everyone, as outlined below.

In order to find out more about strenuous exercise and heightened dental problems, the dental school at University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany conducted a study. They recruited 35 competitive triathletes and 35 healthy adults who were not athletes.

The oral hygiene of both groups was tested initially. Then saliva samples were taken of both groups while in a relaxed physical state. Next, the athletes trained on an increasingly strenuous run. Saliva samples were taken at different phases. The results showed that under more physical strain the amount of saliva declined leading to dryer mouths. The chemical composition also changed and became more alkaline as the workout progressed. Saliva which is excessively alkaline can lead to various tooth problems. Insufficient amounts of saliva also mean the teeth are more vulnerable to decay.

The study proved that there is indeed a link between heavy exercise and tooth decay. It also proved that the athletes do not suffer from dental problems due to their consumption of sugary sports drinks and sports nutrition bars. With this new information, athletes will be able to take extra care to avoid dental erosion.

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