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Men Getting A Cut

The CDC seems to be trying to tell men what they should do with their bodies. Some parents don’t want to have their child circumcised as a baby. There are no laws that say parents have to do this to their child, but the CDC feels like stepping in to change the minds of those who haven’t had the procedure. There are some risks associated with those who aren’t circumcised.


These are the reasons why the CDC wants to make sure men and teenagers understand their options as they are recommending circumcision. Those who haven’t been circumcised stand a greater risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease or HIV. While there could be some risks involved, it should be up to the man to decide whether he wants to go under the knife to have something changed about his appearance. That is what Tom Rothman would like to see in the future. It’s not a country where a certain look is mandated by the law.

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First Vegan Butcher Shop Ever to Open in Minesota

To most people the idea of a vegan butcher shop seems crazy, but not to Aubry and Kale Welch, a brother and sister team from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Americans, and the rest or the world are looking for more responsible suitable ways to eat, and as a result veganism is on the rise.

But this is not your grandparents veganism. Instead of strange foods that require a different pallet, and maybe a closed nose, the new generation of vegetarians has created foods that look and taste like the animal product heavy foods we were raised on, but without all the animal cruelty, health problems, and other negative effects that a meat and cheese heavy diet brings.

The idea is clearly popular since Zeca Oliveira has even heard about  Aubrey and Kale Welch moving their operation from a popular stall at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. They raised over $50,000 on Kickstarter, and have set a $10,000 stretch goal for better appliances so they can ship their products around the world.

The shop is set to open in April, and will have everything that a typical butcher shop would have, such as bologna, ham, peperoni, and cheeses, all made from plant based products. They also serve weekly specials, and want to continue to provide these items to their customers in the future.

The concept is an exciting one, especially to vegetarians and vegans in Minnepolis, and the surrounding area.

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Steady Sugar: Factors that Cause Rises and Falls in Blood Sugar

Whether your diabetic, insulin resistant or simply want to manager your weight, it’s important to know which foods and beverages can cause an imbalance in your blood sugar. If your blood sugar is too low, you may experience weakness and become lightheaded. Low blood sugar can also cause moodiness and anxiety. If your glucose levels spike too high, it can be difficult to lose weight and fight fatigue.

One of the ingredients that raises the blood sugar is caffeine. This can be the case even after drinking a cup of black coffee, which has no calories. Teas that contain caffeine, such as black tea and green tea, can also cause a spike in blood sugar, and Jason Halpern says they are not recommended for people with diabetes.

Surprisingly, “sugar-free” foods can also raise your glucose levels. This is because many of these foods are high in starches and carbohydrates. So, it may be best to eat small portions of the sugary version of your favorite dessert or entree to get the taste you want without the drastic changes in blood sugar.

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Calorie Counts Soon to Be Posted in All Restaurants, Vending Machines

New rules set by the Food and Drug Administration will require that all calorie counts be displayed for all food items sold in restaurants, vending machines, and chain food retailers.

The decision is long-awaited, and is expected to be a useful tool in helping consumers to make more healthful food choices. Activists hope the new rules will help in the fight against the obesity epidemic.

The new FDA rules will not only apply to chain restaurants, but also to grocery stores and coffee shops. Other food retail stores, such as convenience stores, which have a chain with more than 20 locations will also be required to post calorie counts.

Restaurants have one year to comply with the new rules from what Jared Haftel says, while owners of vending machines will have two years.

Some restaurants, including pizza chains, have argued that it will be difficult to post calories for all menu options, given the possible topping combinations available. Others say that the rules will encourage stores to offer fewer fresh items, and more pre-made items, so that the rules no longer apply.

A recent study by John Hopkins showed that restaurants offered new menu items in 2013 that contained 60 less calories than other items on the menu, a sign that the trend of healthier restaurant options may well be underway.

The new rules stem from the 2010 Affordable Care Act, which required that calories be posted by restaurants. It has not been strictly enforced until now.

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Prescribe a Medication, Get a Reward

Physiciains take an oath to do no harm before they can practice their preferred branch of medicine. However, they don’t take an oath that prohibits them fattening their wallets along the way.

Physicians are being enticed to prescribe medications they may not be needed so that they can receive a reward from insurance companies. Contracts for ‘pay for performance’, monetary bonuses and a higher rating on insurance websites may be the driving force behind which drugs you are prescribed and which drugs you are not prescribed.

Under the ‘pay for performance’ plan, a physician is rewarded for keeping his or her regular patients healthy. Sounds like the normal task of a primary care physician and what patients really want, but a deeper look may reveal the over-prescribing of commons drugs to people like Sam Tabar, like blood pressure medication and statins to lower cholesterol, that are really unnecessary and lead to more serious health problems like cancer.

Another example of this medical dictatorship your doctor may be a part of is the treatment some cancer patients are receiving. Reportedly certain insurance providers are dictating the treatment plan for cancer patients and rewarding oncologists with a monthly monetary sum if they adhere to their prescribed treatment plan, even is that may not be the best one for the cancer patient. Shouldn’t it be the patient and their trusted physician that decide on best treatment plan and not the insurance company?

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Why Prescription Drugs Cost so Much

Some people must make the agonizing decision on which they need the most: their prescripion medication or food. This decision provides no winner, it’s an either or choice with no room for compromise, because for a prescription drug to work effectively, it must be taken as prescribed and food must be eaten daily to maintian health and strength.
But there is a reason that prescription drugs cost so much, it’s the trickle-down effect created by the high cost of developing new drugs.
The Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development reports that the expense of developing a new viable, approved drug costs 1.4 billion dollars and takes close to ten years from time of inception until the drug is market-ready. Not all drugs make it to market, but the bill for the years of trying to make it work still has to be paid for and that is included in the price paid by consumers for drugs that did make it to market.
That doesn’t make the sting of the price paid for the prescription drug at the pharmacy any less painful for Christian Broda, but it does give consumers a glimpse as to why their needed medication costs so much. We’re paying for the drugs that have been developed that help ease our afflictions, and the failed drug attempts made before a viable one was created.

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A Spoon of Yogurt

There is a food that can help keep diabetes away. This food is yogurt. Some people might think that yogurt would increase the level of blood sugar in the body because of some of the starches that are included. However, if you only eat about a tablespoon a day, it can help increase the production of insulin in the body so that people don’t develop diabetes as adults. Terry Richardson says it’s easy to eat a small amount of yogurt each day, especially in the morning with breakfast or as a snack during the day. If this simple step can help keep away a disease that could change your life, then it might be worth trying. There are various flavors of yogurt to get if you don’t want to eat the plain kind, making it even easier to incorporate the food in your daily meal planning so that you, like Terry Richardson stay healthy.

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Students Tweeting Thanks To Michelle Obama

Students are thanking Michelle Obama all over twitter and instagram, but it is not in a good way. There is a hash-tag going around about Michelle Obama and the gross cafeteria food that the school lunches are serving. #ThanksMichelleObama is a hash-tag trending all over twitter, along with pictures of disgusting school lunches that don’t even look edible. Keith Mann has chuckled more than a few times at some of the displays.

Apparently school aged children and teenagers are very disappointed with the choices that Michelle Obama has been making for their school lunches. Since president Obama has been in the office, his wife Michelle has changed everything about the schools lunch menu. Everything is now healthy, they took away all of the foods that they had served for years and have changed them to make them healthier. Children are very upset about these new changes and they have taken it upon themselves to post about it on social media and post the pictures to prove their point.

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First Lady Obama’s School Lunches Need Help

The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, has made it her mission to promote healthy eating habits in children while her husband is in office. She promotes an active lifestyle and eating a balanced diet. Obama has already started to make an impact on childhood obesity by changing national standards for school meals. Children are no longer offered high fat and sugar foods in their school cafeteria. Healthier options chock full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

American children are starting to eat better diets, well at least when they are at school. Many people are trying to eat better in general, including workers at Qnet. Unfortunately the new menu items are rather unpopular with our youth. A new hashtag,#ThanksMichelleObama, is an outlet for students to post pictures of their school lunches. Let’s face it, those picture do not make that food look appetizing at all. Schools either need to hire better cooks or the First Lady needs to take another look at her strigent meal requirements. These kids have small portions of questionable food as their only lunch option while at school. We can do better. Feed the kids well and they will be better prepared to learn.

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Consumers Struggle to Find the Sweet Spot

Stevia, Splenda, NutraSweet, Sweet’N Low, Equal, Truvia…which one is the healthiest? A dizzying array of different alternative sweeteners, made in the most advanced labs, line the shelves and fill our restaurants. But are any of them good for you? Do any of them actually taste like real sugar? Will we discover 10 years from now that they actually cause cancer or irritable bowel syndrome or infertility?

These are just some of the questions that plague today’s health-conscious consumer. Many people have given up on alternative sweeteners and are actually going back to real sugar. Of course, real sugar, particularly of the refined and snowy white type, carries its own inherent health issues. Sugar can cause weight gain and diabetes, but consumers are beginning to feel more comfortable with those types of mundane problems than they are with the unknown problems that could stem from consuming artificial sweeteners.

For years “contains no sugar” was actually considered a selling point of many products, but that’s no longer the case. Former artificial sweetener users like author Sergio Lins Andrade have given them up completely. Diet soda sales are down, and beverage manufacturers are being forced to adapt to the changing demand for sweeteners.

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