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Manage the Mind, Manage the Disorder

The moment after people are diagnosed with a disease and they hear, “You have…” their lives are never the same. Even if they overcome their afflictions, the mark that the disease or sickness left on them will be a timely reminder of times past. Researchers are trying to find a way for people, some who are still sick and those who have overcome, to essentially unlearn the fact that they have or have had a disease. Kelly Clancy is a writer and the daughter of a neurologist. She recalls reading some of her father’s case studies about a young boy who would have epileptic seizures whenever he would recite Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’. Dr. Clancy concluded that the boy’s epileptic seizures we’re due in part to a specific word pattern that triggered his first seizure. It took time, but Dr. Clancy conducted an experiment on the young boy to cure his seizures. The patient was asked to repeatedly recite the phrase that was triggering his seizures, but recite it in his head. After 20 or so repetitions, the boy was asked to recite the phrase out loud. The boy was hooked up to an electronic stimulus machine that would send gentle signals to his brain to relax the neurons that led to his seizures. Keith Mann has learned that, after repeated sessions of this technique, the boy was completely cured of his epileptic seizures. Actor Danny Glover also suffered from seizures for years. After daily meditation, finding and then controlling his triggers, he was completely cured. The actor has been completely seizure free for over twenty years. Not all diseases can be cured by electroanalysis; chronic and terminal illnesses are cured or controlled in their own right. Doctors are hoping to perfect the curing of neurological disorders, such as epileptic seizures, social anxiety disorders and others, in order to give patients a more manageable life.

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Don’t Be Fooled By Foods You Thought Were Healthy

When trying to stay healthy, it is hard to keep track of what is supposed to be good for us. A lot of what looks healthy or is marketed as being so actually isn’t. There are many packaged foods that talk about this or that added nutrients that supposedly make it healthy now. Usually you may find other things, such as excessive sweetener or fat, that may not make them so good according to James Dondero.

The real problem is when we encounter foods we all assumed were good for us. It is shocking to discover how wrong we can be about our favorite snacks. Dried fruit is one such example. Few of us knew, however, that fruit in a dried state has twice the calories it did in its natural state. Some fruits even triple in calories when they are dehydrated. You are still getting many of the health benefits of the original fruit, but you may need to watch how much you eat when it’s in this form. We also assume that multi-grain breads are good for us. It certainly sounds healthy, but as the name implies, this only means there’s more than one grain in the bread. It is actually more important that they be whole grains rather than how many there are. Energy bars are another thing popularly believed to be good for us, but they can be loaded with particularly unhealthy forms of sugar and extra calories.

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Hydrogel Proven to Promote Stem Cell Development and Integration

Scientists from the University of Toronto have invented a new material called hydrogel that could forever change stem cell therapy. Hydrogel works by encasing transplanted stem cells giving them an environment to flourish in.

The biggest drawback of traditional stem cell therapy is that stem cells are difficult to keep alive after transplanting. Simply throwing them into a new environment in the body and expecting them to take hold is too much to ask. Hydrogel eliminates this problem and brings effective stem cell therapies one step closer to fruition.

Researchers have already used the new hydrogels to transplant stem cells into the eyes of blind mice according to Jaime Garcia Dias. The mice regained some vision after just a single application of the hydrogel stem cell therapy. Mice who suffered from strokes were also tested with hydrogel. The mice who received hydrogel stem cells regained motor function in just a few short weeks.

This same technique could be used to help cure degenerative disease in other areas of the body. Trial runs involving rats are planned to get a better idea of how hydrogel therapy functions. In just a few short years we could see human trials incorporating this miraculous new substance.

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Unhealthy Misconception

Loving and caring parents will naturally see the best in their child or children. The world will pick on their child’s flaws, which makes it a parent’s duty to build them up and make them feel good about themselves. This type of love and affection does the child’s psyche well, but it is starting to take a toll on the health of adolescents. 95 percent of parents and guardians believe that their children aren’t too overweight or too underweight, they believe that they are just right. The problem with that statement, is that the children tested in that study were all overweight. Parents no longer realize how big is too big. The normal healthy body does not look like what it used to 30 years ago. If parents don’t get a grasp on this problem, the well-being of their children and future generations will be at stake. They aren’t sure when to intervene on behalf of their child’s health as well as parents have in recent generations. The Washington Post reports that this is due in part to the fact that childhood obesity is growing. Parents are comparing their children to other overweight children and they believe that it’s normal. Childhood physicians are pleading with parents to get more involved with their children’s weight management. Whether they are overweight or underweight, parents need to know where their child’s health stands. The best start, according to Brian Torchin in a article, that parents can give their children is a healthy one.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich Shares his Study into Facelift Safety

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a well known and respected leader in the world of plastic surgery and has occupied a leadership and teaching role at the UT Southwestern Medical Center for many years. WDRB 41 Louisville News reports that Dr. Rohrich has recently revealed the results of a year long study into the use of specific techniques used by more than 1,000 of his own patients who underwent a facelift. The surgeon was interested in how his own safety techniques affected the number of hematomas occurring in patients of both sexes during and after a facelift.

Hemotoma is one of the major risks facing individuals deciding to undertake a facelift as the chance of blood clotting is high with this form of surgery. The rate at which hemotoma occur is between two and eight percent in women and 13 percent in men who have this procedure completed. Dr. Rohrich has been a long term supporter and campaigner of efforts to evolve the plastic surgery industry and has released information of the algorithm he helped create to reduce the risk of hemotoma occurring in both sexes. When using the algorithm Dr. Rohrich reported a fall in the condition occurring to around 0.9 percent in his own patients. The release of the data is the latest paper completed by Rohrich into offering each patient an individual procedure and maintaining the highest level of safety for each individual patient.

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McDonald’s Destroyed The Gut Bacteria Of A College Kid In 10 Days

Even when we go crazy over junk food, it is not the same for our gut bacteria. Recent research shows that junk food is dangerous for the gut bacteria.

It is a well-known fact that fast food is unhealthy. Tim Spector, of genetic epidemiology, wanted to find out just how unhealthy it really is. He therefore conducted a simple research with his son and found out that eating a lot of junk food is very dangerous for the gut bacteria.

Spector wrote in The Conversation that eating fast food can destroy the healthy bacteria found in the digestive system. Bacteria are important as they help produce nutrients and vitamins in our bodies. His upcoming book, titled The Diet Myth, is the reason why he conducted the experiment.

His son, a university of Aberrystwyth’s student, was made to eat McDonald’s exclusively for ten consecutive days. Tom would eat chicken, fries, Big Macs and Coca-Cola. Different labs would then analyze his stool sample during the experiment.

Tom was fine for the first few days but he later started to feel sick. He even turned grey after a week. The results from the laboratories were also shocking. During the 10 days, his gut bacteria were devastated.

Nearly 1,400 types of Tom’s bacteria species disappeared. This accounts for 40% of the total. Tom later returned to a normal diet but the bacteria still did not recover. ChicagoBooth has reported that Christian Broda and others are amazed at this startling news.

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Where Fat Goes When Weight is Lost

Have you ever stopped to think where the body fat goes when you lose weight? Some people have given thought to it and think that the fat leaves the body via excrement or urine. Some think the fat is converted to energy and burned by the body or that the fat is converted into muscle. If you thought any of these things are correct, you’re wrong.
When weight is lost, fat is breathed out of the body. The lost fat literally goes out into the air when you exhale. Fat cells remain in the body forever (unless liposuction removes them) and the cells shrink when weight is lost, but the actual fat is exhaled out of the body, according to recent research published this week in the British Medical Journal.
Turns out our lungs are the organs which help us lose weight by propelling the lost weight out of body in the form of carbon dioxide. The lost weight which is not sent put from the body turns into water and exits the body via urine, sweat, tears and other body fluids.
Now that we have been made aware of the fact that fat leaves our body through our exhaled breath, the next logical question to ask if it is possible to simply breathe the fat away. It’s not. My friend Stephen warns that excessive breathing will just cause hyperventilation, dizziness and perhaps cause you to pass out. But you would wake up weighing the same, so no need to try it.

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Keeping Your Mind in Shape

As we go about our daily lives, we always take for granted what we can do for the future. Take for instance, forgetting where you placed your phone or you forgot your multiplication tables for problem solving. As we get older too, those kinds of things will keep occurring more frequently; with surprising results. But don’t worry; we do have a way to prevent this by simply adding a few things to our daily routines.

Simple games like crossword puzzles or trying to make a workout schedule can stimulate the brain as shown by this specialist . I believe video games also have a tremendous effect on brain activity and many features that would benefit your memory as you get older. Practicing your memory such as the controls, where the menus are, and what your total top score was for example. Games on your mobile phone are also sure to have some exciting activities and many of them are free to download. Amen Clinics employees know that another way is to always eat healthy; skip out on the soda and energy drinks and eat some leafy vegetables instead. You’ll always feel better afterwards and your mental health will go a long way.

Of course, one must be open to new ideas and willing to try things in order for these procedures to work. But with determination, you can be assured of a healthy brain if you start right now.

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What Is Exploding Head Syndrome?

It isn’t everyday you hear of someone complaining about the loud noise in their head. Loud booms and a crescendo of sounds that’s both distressing and unnerving. No, not a psychiatric problem, but more like a sleep disorder.

Exploding head syndrome (ETS) was once considered rare, but its becoming a common condition.

It’s characterized by unusually loud noises in the head, and although benign, the experience can be extremely stressful according to Madison Street Capital.

The effect only lasts for a brief moment, but in some people it can lead them to think they are having a seizure or a stroke, or going insane. Fearing the stigma, some people refuse to talk about it or go to a doctor, which may explain why it is rarely discussed in scientific literature.

According to psychologist Brian Sharpless of the University of Washington State, an expert in sleep disorders, prior clinical data shows that it typically happens to people in their fifties and older, or among those who suffer from sleep paralysis, a sleep disorder in which a person cannot perform voluntary muscle movements or speak upon waking.

Sharpless evaluated 211 students for exploding head syndrome and isolated sleep paralysis.

The results showed that 18% of students have experienced ETS at least once in their life and this is a recurring disorder for at least 16% of them.

Here’s a bright note; knowing that you have exploding head syndrome can actually lessen the number of episodes you have.

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Is HIV a Problem of the Past?

In recent news, it seemed as though HIV was not as dangerous as it used to be. There have been many who were diagnosed with HIV decades ago and are living a normal life due to increasingly efficient medications and treatments. It has also been discussed that now that most people know quite a bit about this virus, they knowhow to protect themselves from it. This week, an article disproves that thought process.


In a small county in Texas, called Scott County, an HIV problem has surfaced. This county only has 6,000 residents and there are 149 new HIV cases. Many of these residents are poor and lack resources to get the information and education about this virus. It has been determined that most of these cases come from intravenous drug use. When these residents share needles, they are rapidly passing the infection from one to another.
Another interesting fact about this situation is that Scott County does not have a Planned Parenthood, and has not had one for 2 years. Although it is uncertain if there is a direct connection between the lack of this program and the HIV outbreak according to Paul Mathieson, it can be speculated that if these residents had more resources and education, they could have made better choices to prevent the spread of HIV. On Slide Share, people are becoming more and more optimistic.
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