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PosiGen on Solar Energy Efficiency

PosiGen got incorporated with their main aim to install solar power to all in the community. Solar power got recommended since it is easily accessible and less costly thus got much recommendation to the low-earning communities and the society of color. PosiGen believed that making solar to the community will make their lives more appealing since they will save much through their utility bill in homes. Doing this will get the mange to have a brighter future, thus making them smile each day. Posing realized that since the communities didn’t have the efforts to pay for the solar installation, they adopted the leasing program where every home could get installed.


PosiGen ensures the homes can generate their energy by having an effective way of energy cost. All this gets managed by ensuring they monitor and maintain their leased equipment’s wellbeing, which must get paid monthly or yearly. The leasing program ensures that monthly fixed payments get imposed to ensure the equipment gets paid for the leasing and maintenance. Solar from PosiGen saves one the costs from 5% to 30% monthly cost that purely initially used to go to electricity, thus making many much affordable. PosiGen has a significant role in ensuring their maximization of energy efficiency caused by leaks, which leads to much heating and cooling, thus making more energy gets used.


PosiGen carries out this function through auditing by the following methods (Techbullion).


Window & door assessment.

Personalized Home Energy report

Detailed Attic Evaluation.

Combustion Appliance Zone Test

Thermal imaging

Blower Door Testing

By doing the auditing, it brings the following benefited, which includes:

Cleaner environment- Using energy more effectively saves the climate much since much does not go to waste. Proper auditing from PosiGen ensures the community pales to their bills since much does not go to waste; thus, much gets saved. Increased more health and comfort since this heating and cooling when a leakage happens pollutes the air by increasing moisture-related mold issues. Reducing the leakage improves the value of homes in case they get put on sale. In addition, having this reduces the maintenance costs, thus making it more attractive and therefore more marketable to buyers.