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The Career Achievements of Bhanu Choudhrie

Bhanu Choudhrie is a Delhi-borne entrepreneur and businessman. He works hard to ensure he achieves his business goals. Bhanu is well-acknowledged in the aviation sector as an investor who strives to enable the industry to grow and be transformed to top heights. Bhanu Choudhrie developed a passion for the following sectors at a tender age: hospitality, health care, and aviation.

Since eternity, exploration of the sky has always been his dream that he worked harder to achieve. He was always optimistic that a time would come when he reaches the skies. He grew up an optimistic man that a time will come when he will fly a plane. Bhanu acquired skills in marketing and international business from the University of Boston. He later enrolled at the University of Harvard to further his learning. He went to JP Morgan firm for an internship to get equipped with entrepreneurial skills and knowledge. This gave him the ability to found his first firm, Alpha Group, based in London.

Bhanu Choudhrie is Alpha Group’s co-founder, owner, and president. His role was of business development. He also must provide the firm’s flexibility, a factor that has contributed to its success. Through the company, several other firms have grown.

Alpha Group focuses on the following areas: offering entrepreneurial advice and consultation services. The company also deals in real estate. Bhanu Choudhrie contributes significantly to the company’s success, making him ranked as a serial entrepreneur in India and the entire globe.

Bhanu supports various sectors, including business, agriculture, utility, aviation, and healthcare. For example, the Alpha Aviation College by Bhanu Choudhrie helped equip learners with vital aviation skills. He also integrated learning in his college with e-learning and artificial intelligence. Bhanu’s advice to younger entrepreneurs is to adopt the right business skills that will spearhead the success.

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