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Tieks Maintaining Its Icon In The Fashion Industry

Fashion has been evolving for years through various creative trends. Companies like Tieks, which are among the top shoe brands, have continued to carve out their niche in the industry. Kfir Gavrieli who also tops as the CEO founded the company. Most of its focus is on ballet flat shoes, mainly worn by women. Tieks has been exceptional in its specific standards to maintain its uniqueness in the industry. For fashion enthusiasts, the company prioritizes its clients.

Over the years, it has stood out through its creation of unique creations. Most importantly, the comfy flat shoes are made by top experts with many years of experience. They range from classics, patents, prints, and also patents. Additionally, the shoe is stylish. Further, the company has been at the front line in considering various colors in making the shoe phenomenal. Most of the outgoing colors include Matte Black, blue, and purple. The leather flats range from size 5-13. The mini sizes for girls are also available.

Most of the sales are made online by the company. The prices vary, the most expensive going for $ 345, notably the Arabian Night. Customer can press their claims through the company’s website. Additionally, the team is flexible in assisting the clients through its formulated guidelines. Tieks shoes have been proven to last longer. The customers have also praised it for its comfortability in different places. The shoes can be worn during hikes and office hours, among others.

Further, the clients can also wear them with socks for a trendy look. The fast does not need high maintenance. The stylish flat can go longer to retain its texture through shoe polish. Clients can also easily keep them clean by using a damp cloth. Tieks are great for any day, for a fabulous look. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for related information.


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