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Tom Keane at Microsoft Corporation

Tom Keane is a software engineer at Microsoft Corporation. A bit of a summary to this article: Microsoft has been around for 44 years, and it’s growing with the release of new products. There’s a lot to learn about Microsoft, but let me help you find some helpful information in this article!


Microsoft has been around for 44 years. It continues to grow and produce new products. under the supervision of software developer Tom Keane. Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft in 1975. The first product was the BASIC programming language for the Altair 8800 microcomputer. It was a two-person company until 1981, when it grew into a multinational company in its own right. 


The company is now worth $245 billion; it employs more than 86000 people; it has more than 100000 patents to its name, and they have over 500 offices worldwide!


Developed by engineer Tom Keane, at Microsoft, they have had many other products, including MS DOS, Windows, Xbox, Office, Internet Explorer, etc. The MSDOS operating system became 256 kilobytes in capacity. The Windows operating system had a range of windows, from 3.1 to 7 (although there was a particular version for Vista). 


The Live Service, originally called Windows Update, is a very popular operating system feature, Tom Keane recalls. Their Xbox is the heart of their home entertainment products. It has recently been updated to Xbox 360 that can access the internet, play videos and games using high definition technology, stream live TV, and more.

They have released Office as an integrated package including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Led by Tom Keane, Microsoft is one of the top tech companies in the world that everyone knows about. I’m focusing on their history, growth and expansion. This is an interesting read for those who want to know what makes Microsoft so great!