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Ways Philip Belamant Empowers Consumers by Encouraging Change in the BNPL Industry

Ways Philip Belamant Empowers Consumers by Encouraging Change in the BNPL Industry

Philip Belamant is the CEO of VEND Network, which aims to empower people by encouraging change in the BNPL industry. Mr. Philip Belamant has spent decades exploring ways to disrupt outdated sectors and create new business opportunities. His journey with VEND Network started during his time as the Chief Strategy Officer at First Digital Corp., an information solutions company based in Vancouver. Mr. Philip Belamant’s experiences and insights from these positions have assisted him in creating a platform for VEND Network to educate consumers about their digital rights and encourage them to take action against unfair business practices of the BNPL industry.

What is BNPL?

BNPL stands for Buy Now, Pay Later. These are the types of loans often featured in the checkout process at online retailers in the United Kingdom. They have a high APR rate and have become a popular way to fund online purchases. The term BNPL is sometimes used interchangeably with deferred payment. This means that the retailer will charge a person’s card for the item’s total amount at the time of purchase but will then wait for the person to pay for the item in installments.

Consumers’ loss of control over personal data

The main problem with BNPL is that it often involves selling the consumer’s data. When consumers apply for BNPL, they often do so to purchase something that they cannot afford upfront. When this is the case, the consumer is usually required to provide their name, address, social security number, and other sensitive information to be approved for the loan. Banks and other lenders who offer BNPL can sell this data to third parties. This is problematic because the consumer has no control over who sees the data or how it is used. Additionally, the consumer cannot remove the data from public view. This means that individuals will often struggle to correct their personal information online.

Loss of control over personal data and how it affects consumers

BNPL is an excellent source of revenue for the banks that run these types of loans. Unfortunately, they are also very profitable for the third parties that purchase the data from these banks. This means that the information can be used for malicious purposes, such as applying for credit cards or loans in a consumer’s name. Banks are increasingly sharing data with employers, insurance providers, and other businesses that use this information to make decisions about people. This can interfere with consumers’ ability to find a job or acquire health insurance. There are a few ways in which BNPL negatively affects consumers. As mentioned above, BNPL allows companies to access users’ credit reports. This often results in the consumers receiving additional spam messages and emails from unverified parties.

BNPL’s role in the loss of control over personal data

BNPL often involves the sharing of sensitive personal data. This allows companies to access consumers’ credit reports and data, which they use to determine whether they should be approved for a loan. Consumers have no way of removing this data from public view once approved for a BNPL loan.

A way to encourage change: VEND Network’s platform and its features

Mr. Belamant knew that something had to be done to reduce the amount of control the BNPL industry had over consumers’ data. He saw an opportunity to address this issue by encouraging change in the BNPL industry. This led to the launch of VEND Network, a blockchain-based platform that empowers consumers by allowing them to take control of their data. VEND Network also offers other financial services, including merchant cash advances, merchant cash advances, and disbursements. VEND Network’s platform provides consumers with access to a decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace where they can sell their data. This allows consumers to earn money from the BNPL industry’s data. The VEND ERC-20 token powers this data marketplace. This token can buy and sell data on the decentralized market. It also serves as the network’s unit of account.


BNPL is an integral part of the online shopping experience. Unfortunately, it often involves the selling of sensitive personal data. This can cause problems for consumers, making them lose control over their information and experience spam messages. VEND Network can help combat this issue by providing consumers with a way to take control of their data. This is done by using blockchain technology to allow users to sell their data. Through this decentralized marketplace, consumers can take control of their data while receiving payment in the VEND ERC-20 token.