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Advertising Agency Hughes Marino Representation Firm

Hughes Marino Representation Firm provides a full-service concierge service for our clients. At the representation firm, we understand that you are at the beginning of your career, and the prospect of navigating the legal profession is daunting enough. It is our job to be on top of your needs and to have a deep knowledge of law firms, and corporations.


Also, knowledge of universities, and other institutions that can help you make the right decisions about your future and navigate any obstacles. Hughes Marino has over two hundred lawyers, including partners, associates, and other professionals. Eli Hughes and Kinsey Marino founded the firm in 2004. It has grown from its original location in New York City to have a presence all around the United States. 



Hughes Marino Buyer and Tenant Representation Firm



In 2006, it merged with another large organization. It is one of the biggest firms in its field in the whole country. Of course, this growth did not happen overnight. At Hughes Marino it didn’t happen like that. Many years of hard work went into building up a solid reputation for this law firm. The firm’s founders, Eli Hughes and Kinsey Marino met at Harvard Law School. Both were interested in public policy and urban planning. 

They quickly discovered that they had other things in common: a love of horse racing and drinking beer together. Eli was originally from Texas but had moved to New York with his parents after his father opened up an advertising agency there. Before Hughes Marino, his mother was a painter who worked out of her Greenwich Village studio, where Eli spent many afternoons as a child. Kinsey grew up in rural Connecticut but detested the conservative atmosphere surrounding her and left for New York City in high school.