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Azure Global Corporate Vice President Tom Keane

Software developer and engineer Tom Keane, the Corporate Vice President of Azure Global, has over twenty years of experience building and heading business units. Also, he specializes in worldwide engineering teams at Microsoft Corporation. Tom Keane has run groups in charge of solving rugged and high-profile cases in Microsoft. 


Tom Keane is highly skilled in cyber security, cloud computing, digital transformation, product development, and digital sovereignty. He generates the growth of a business by making products that offer a specialized value to clients, presents to the board of directors, and counsels the top leadership team at Microsoft. 


WashingtonExec named software developer Tom Keane the Cloud Industry Executive of the Year in 2021.Microsoft is known for empowering the community in software development, therefore, encouraging developers to become space developers with Azure Global. It supports various industries like financial services, the health sector, other crucial industries, and current space with the help of the world’s most comprehensive developer platforms and tools like Github and Visual Studio.


Azure Space opens up compelling opportunities for its customers with the help of its collaboration tools, partnerships, services, and abilities of Microsoft and space data. Tom Keane explains that new models can be made and industries transformed using the power to leverage and extract data acquired from space. 

Since the announcement of Azure Space, Microsoft has concentrated on expanding the ecosystem of Azure Space by collaborating with the leaders in the space community to enable customers to accomplish more as Tom Keane finally states. With the recent Airbus collaboration and the accessibility of their geospatial imagery, Microsoft is broadening its mission by making Azure Space the community’s ecosystem and platform of choice.