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 Gary McGaghey

Gary McGaghey is Managing Partner of McGaghey & Associates and one of the most influential CFOs in the private equity space. He has been a CFO with various private equity firms over the past 25 years and brings his extensive knowledge to his clients. Gary shares four strategies to help CFOs thrive in personal equity in this interview.

  1. Get to Grips With Complex Cash Flow Requirements

Most CFOs are not well-positioned to understand the cash flow requirements of their PE portfolio companies. This is why many PE firms will hire a separate CFO for their portfolios. However, a firm’s CFO needs to understand the cash flow needs of their portfolio companies and be able to support these needs during times of market volatility.

  1. Build a Reliable Fact Base

A CFO’s job is to help set the tone of the business, and they often make decisions that will impact their portfolio companies’ performance. Knowing how to deal with these decisions is critical. A CFO needs to be able to build a fact base around a company’s financials so that they can make sound decisions for the business.

  1. Understand How a PE Portfolio Company Operates

The goal of any CFO is to ensure that PE portfolio companies operate in a way that will drive shareholder value and create significant returns for investors. A CFO needs to understand how their portfolio company works. They need to understand all aspects of their business, including financial, operations, and strategic planning areas. They also need to have access to all relevant information about their clients so that they can make informed decisions as an advisor.

Gary McGaghey is a CFO who has successfully navigated the private equity world. In this interview, he shares four strategies to help CFOs thrive in private equity. With his vast industry knowledge, Gary is an excellent resource for CFOs who wish to be successful in the PE world.

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