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M&A Guru Don Manifold

Don Manifold’s area of expertise is mergers and acquisitions. He co-founded both Manifold Advisory Partners and Equity & Advisory. Don had previously held the same job with Booth Transport, is a member of the financial committee at Seymour College, and is a director at Whittles Management.

Don Manifold has spent the greater part of a quarter century in the corporate finance industry and has worked as a transaction counsel for some of the world’s leading consulting firms for fifteen years. This includes the agriculture, consumer goods, banking, information technology, manufacturing, and retail industries. He has completed professional assignments in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Croatia.

Don Manifold has represented clients in more than 60 transactions, including more than $3 billion in acquisitions, capital raising, sales, and initial public offerings. Some of the most prestigious companies in South Australia have chosen him as an independent expert to do over fifty studies and evaluations worth over $25 billion. Don’s finest accomplishment in 2016 was the selling of S. Kidman & Co. ABB Grain, Adelaide Bank, and Powerhealth, three instances of significant trades.

Don Manifold graduated from Flinders College in 1991. Regarding business education, AGSM rates well. Don is an Associate of ICA.

Don started his professional career in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1990. Since then, he has worked in two major cities in Australia. After receiving his degree in 2004, he returned to Adelaide in 2006 and worked there for KPMG till 2012. Don has brokered business deals in Australia, the United Kingdom, Croatia, and Papua New Guinea.

He headed EY’s Transaction Advisory activities in South Australia from 2012 to 2014. From 2015 until March 2018, Don worked as EY’s Managing Partner for South Australia and the Northern Territory.

In 2018, Don was elevated to co-Managing Director, Equity & Advisory. He founded Manifold Advisory Partners to assist organizations in creating and executing board-level business strategies. For decades, his company has provided experienced guidance for customers. Australians are not his only consumers.