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Outstanding works of Reeve Benaron

Reeve Benaron, a renowned businessman and founder of HealthTech and AdTech, is one of the most successful businessmen in the industry. He is highly skilled in most business fields, including mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions. Since he joined the industry, his main aim has been to promote upcoming businesses and create a better world and future.


In 2020, Reeve Benaron became the co-founder of Intro, a health-based organization aiming to provide reliable medical services to its patients. The Intrivo company offers home delivery on their services, giving their patients better chances of receiving quality medical care and of survival. 


He has then combined this with other technology and distribution companies to ensure that they come up with medical solutions for diseases arising and can distribute tests and drugs all over. Before founding Intrivo, Reeve Benaron had founded AUDIENCEX in 2012. This is an organization that majors in marketing and providing technology. 


Part of the services this company majored in providing is the separation of a signal wave from noise which made it easier for people to communicate through computer signals. For Reeve Benaron, this made business easier for everyone as business people could communicate effectively with both their customers and other partners.


Reeve has also worked with AX Ventures Partners since 2012, a company that gave him insight into changing the business industry. This, by enacting great ideas in the market to make the industry more evolved. Other than that, Reeve Benaron was also the first Chairperson of Salmon Holdings (NYSE: SB), running from 1998 till 2010, when he then left the organization.